• Christian Rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [December 18 2020] (Listen Here)

    The year is winding down and many in Christian rap are making a final push. A whole bunch of tracks dropped today and we have many of them. 1K FAMO Angie Rose Deane Walden x Rapzilla ft. 350 FLF x Oh-So Ian Kenville Jodie Jermaine Ruslan Spencer Kane ft. Libby Barnes Tre’Gadd Trutha x YJO UZUHAN Weez the Satellite Kiid ...
  • DJ LostNFound

    DJ LostNFound – Saturday Morning Cartoons ft. JP KILLED IT & Ian Kenville

    2020 has caused many of us to want to retreat to a nostalgic time when things were far simpler. A time when there wasn’t a care in the world. “Saturday Morning Cartoons” by DJ LostNFound, JP KILLED IT, and Ian Kenville captures that Listen to DJ LostNFound Below:
  • Christian rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [October 30 2020] (Listen Here)

    EVERYONE dropped in Christian rap today. In an effort to get to as many as we can, here’s a post with a bunch! Let us know which of these were your favorites in the comments. 1K Phew Andy Mineo ft. Mez DJ Mykael V ft. nobigdyl. & Starringo Eric Heron F’rael Ian Kenville x Cayman Wendt x Alex Papaleo J. ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – Up Up and Away

    “Up Up and Away” by Ian Kenville is a song about continuing to shoot for the stars and chase your dreams. As an artist, it is often so easy to get caught up in doubt that we lose our drive and starving mentality. This song brings the hype and drive, the same way I want to with all my music in ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville x MrGalaxy – Good Thing music video

    “Good Thing” by Ian Kenville and MrGalaxy praises the wins, “shows love to those who got me here,” and dreams of a future that’s great. Sometimes its too easy to focus on what’s next that we don’t enjoy the blessing in the now. “On a trip through Philly, me and my close friend Joe recorded a video of us stepping outside of ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville x MrGalaxy – Good Thing

    “Good Thing” by Ian Kenville and MrGalaxy praises the wins, shows love to those who got them there and dreams of a future that’s great. “Also, it may have the toughest vocals on the hook. I wrote this song over the winter following the release of my first project. It was the first song written post-release, and I wanted to remember that ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville x Cabreja – JOVEN

    Ian Kenville and Cabreja collaborated for a fun music video with “JOVEN.” “‘Joven’ is Spanish for youth/young person. The visual and the song were created to ignite that sense of youthful, light-hearted love for music that most artists had in the beginning. It is so easy to get consumed by work, stream numbers, whether songs get blog posts, interviews, etc., instead of ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – WAVES ft. Jenna Renae

    Rapper Ian Kenville dropped his new single “Waves” featuring former American Idol contestant Jenna Renae. “…it’s about chasing dreams. Everyone wants to make it in music, but few have the drive to do the work. Everyone chases a magic wave that will coast them to the top of success. I’d rather just teach myself to walk on water,” he said. ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – EIGHTY-FIVE ft. Shiwan

    From Ian Kenville himself: “‘EIGHTY-FIVE’ was a track inspired by two main things: Chad Johnson and determination. So much went into the writing of this song that I’m not going to touch on, but I essentially felt like I needed to respond to a situation by simply showing my skills and owning my musical abilities vs. jumping into a twitter ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – RIOT ft. Ruslan and FVMELESS

    Rapper Ian Kenville dropped his music video for “RIOT” featuring Ruslan and FVMELESS. “The visual and the song go hand in hand. To me, ‘RIOT’ is a visual representation of the internal emotional disgust and overflow that I’ve felt through many seasons recently in my life. The visual examines pain, hurt, optimism, energy, excitement, passion, rage, and hope for change. ...