• Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville x Cabreja – JOVEN

    Ian Kenville and Cabreja collaborated for a fun music video with “JOVEN.” “‘Joven’ is Spanish for youth/young person. The visual and the song were created to ignite that sense of youthful, light-hearted love for music that most artists had in the beginning. It is so easy to get consumed by work, stream numbers, whether songs get blog posts, interviews, etc., instead of ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – WAVES ft. Jenna Renae

    Rapper Ian Kenville dropped his new single “Waves” featuring former American Idol contestant Jenna Renae. “…it’s about chasing dreams. Everyone wants to make it in music, but few have the drive to do the work. Everyone chases a magic wave that will coast them to the top of success. I’d rather just teach myself to walk on water,” he said. ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – EIGHTY-FIVE ft. Shiwan

    From Ian Kenville himself: “‘EIGHTY-FIVE’ was a track inspired by two main things: Chad Johnson and determination. So much went into the writing of this song that I’m not going to touch on, but I essentially felt like I needed to respond to a situation by simply showing my skills and owning my musical abilities vs. jumping into a twitter ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – RIOT ft. Ruslan and FVMELESS

    Rapper Ian Kenville dropped his music video for “RIOT” featuring Ruslan and FVMELESS. “The visual and the song go hand in hand. To me, ‘RIOT’ is a visual representation of the internal emotional disgust and overflow that I’ve felt through many seasons recently in my life. The visual examines pain, hurt, optimism, energy, excitement, passion, rage, and hope for change. ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – RIOT ft. Ruslan & FVMELESS

    New York rapper Ian Kenville released a new single featuring Ruslan and producer FVMELESS, “RIOT.” Ian said this about the song. “I wrote RIOT back in April of 2017. I was upset, I was confused, I was in a place where I had so many feelings that I didn’t know how to express regarding social justice, bigotry, and what was happening ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – 100K

    Ian Kenville released the first single “100K” from his upcoming album ‘Maybe I Was Wrong’ expected to drop in the Fall. “Music’s changed everything for me. When I started recording and dropping songs 2 years ago, I wanted to be rich, famous, and popular. Over the past 2 years, I’ve learned what really matters. I’ve been heart broken, I’ve been ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville x Shiwan x Colson – FLEX

    Ian Kenville recently released a collab single with Colson Kelly and Shiwan that came together at 4 AM while on tour. “To me – ‘Flex’ is all about the grind and staying true to who I am as an artist and person. I don’t feel the need to brag on my accomplishments for validation, because that isn’t why I do ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville – Fade Away ft. Jordy

    New York-based artist Ian Kenville released his debut single “Fade Away” featuring Jordy. This song does not come from a place of anger or hurt, it was a mere reminder for me that the Lord puts us all through seasons and times in our lives for a reason. Although some do not have happy endings, its the growth, lessons, and ...