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    Hilgy, 5ive, and Dillon Chase – FREEDOM

    Hilgy, 5ive, and Dillon Chase want to shout praises to Him with their music video, “FREEDOM.” “This video is about us three sharing how addiction entered our lives and how we overcame it by the power of Jesus,” shared Hilgy. “We gained the opportunity to join Israel Collective on a trip to the Holy Land.” Watch Hilgy, 5ive, and Dillon ...
  • adriansings and Hilgy

    adriansings and Hilgy – STONES and IN MY BAG

    adriansings and Hilgy teamed up to drop two singles this Friday. In “STONES,” both profess nothing is going to stop them, no matter how many obstacles get in their way. “IN MY BAG,” showcases the duo. Hilgy spits bars and adrian nails a fast flow. Listen to adriansings and Hilgy Below:  Stream adriansings previous single, “Twentynineteen,” here and Hilgy’s previous ...
  • Hilgy

    Hilgy – All in All ft. Kevi Morse

    Hilgy is always consistent. Kevi Morse is also bringing it. “All in All” takes these two and doesn’t disappoint. Watch Hilgy Below:
  • Hilgy

    Hilgy – Hypocrite

    Rapper Hilgy drops more bars in “Hypocrite” music video. What else did you expect? “Poverty, starvation, homosexuality being taught in schools, pornography addiction, and outright baby murders are only a few issues plaguing our nation today. Satan is deceiving people to hell every single day. And people like Pastor Shetigho Nakpodia meet the needs of people and speaks truth into ...
  • Hilgy

    Hilgy – 7

    Rapper Hilgy is at it again for his onslaught of music videos. This time, he’s back with the song “7.” Watch Hilgy Below:
  • Hilgy

    Hilgy – No Excuses

    Hilgy can’t be stopped on his grind. He says there’s “No Excuses.” Watch Hilgy Below:
  • Hilgy

    Hilgy – pride.

    Hilgy is continuing to try to outwork everyone around him with yet another music video. This time the visual is for his track “pride.” Watch Hilgy below:
  • Hilgy

    Hilgy – Sometimes

    Hilgy is never quitting until he has reached his goal in “Sometimes.” “I’ve been grinding for 9 years with music and I’m getting tired. It’s hard continuing to do what I love when there’s no consistent income from it. But all I hear is God telling me to keep going. I made this song to remind my self that I’m ...
  • Hilgy

    Hilgy – Venom

    Just in time for the movie, Hilgy is dropping some “Venom.” The song is the first of three music videos that are coming. “The premise of the video is me running with this rap baton through the woods on a chase. As the case comes to a close I end up obtaining the rap baton symbolizing it’s MY TURN,” he said. ...
  • Cole DeRuse

    Cole DeRuse – God Be My Witness ft. Hilgy, Troy Bjorklund & Shelby Hoeing

    Cole DeRuse is back with his 5th single of 2018. “God Be My Witness” is an anthem track about continuing to fight and not give up on the dreams God has given you. It features Hilgy, Troy Bjorklund & Shelby Hoeing. Listen to Cole DeRuse Below:  Purchase or stream here.