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    Review – Sean C. Johnson ‘Simply a Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All’

    Rapzilla Staff Rating: Average User Rating: {mainvote} Growing up in my house, every saturday was cleaning day. It was never a fun day, but there were some highlights, I must say. My mom knew that no one likes to clean, so she did what she could to make it not quite-so-awful. Every saturday I woke up to the smell of ...
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    KB ‘Weight & Glory’ #2 on iTunes Hip Hop/Rap & #11 Overall

    The wait is finally over! Reach Records recording artist KB has just released his long awaited debut album 'Weight & Glory' in stores everywhere. Only a couple hours since going live on iTunes and already KB has managed to land a #2 spot on iTunes' Hip Hop/Rap and #11 Overall charts. Help get 'Weight & Glory' ...
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    Live Q&A Video Session with KB

    KB is releasing his debut album tomorrow July 17th on Reach Records entitled 'Weight & Glory.' The youngest artist on Reach Records has quite the buzz going on around the release and fans have been asking questions on our Facebook and Twitter, so much so that we
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    Church Clothes – Purpose, Passion, Progression by Lecrae

    The truth is: God is still at work!

    Thanks to everyone who is downloading and spreading the "Church Clothes" mixtape.

    I'm blown away at the response. It’s humbling and pushes me to keep going.

    At the beginning of my musical career, my intention was ...
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    Interview: DJ Don Cannon on working with Lecrae

    An anthem is defined as “a song of devotion or loyalty, a song of praise, and a symbol for a distinct group of people.” As a celebrity DJ and producer, Don Cannon is responsible for a new sound of major hip hop anthems storming the mainstream airwaves over the past couple of years. Cannon is an internationally known DJ who ...
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    Anthony Evans on NBC’s The Voice

    You may have heard Anthony Evans prior to, but most in this audience probably heard him first on Lecrae’s song “Boasting.” Or you may have gotten the free download of the “Boasting” Flatline remix we posted. Either way Anthony is a talented singer and recently made it on NBC’s The Voice where he was picked by Christina Aguilera to perform ...
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    Joey’s Dream – Mold Me

    If you have been around Hip Hop or Christian Hip Hop for long enough then you know who the L.A. Symphony crew is. Joey the Jerk was the character with the lackadaisical flow that used to have a dead full of dreads. With the LAS crew being dead, Joey has reinvented himself by chopping the dreads, dropping the Jerk and ...
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    6 Reasons Why Artists Change

    We've all experienced it before. One of our favorite emcees or groups is about to drop a new album. We get hyped about it as we think about the first album they released, which came out two years ago, but is still in heavy rotation on our iPod. Their first project had such an impact on ...
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    Interview – Jin: The Chinese, Christian, Rapper, Actor, and Model

    Jin Au-Yeung is a rapper, songwriter, actor, and model. He is fluent in both Cantonese and English. He was both the first Asian and Chinese solo rapper to be signed to a major record label. Jin was a consistant winner of the BET program 106 & Park that used to air, known as Freestyle ...
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    Bizzle’s God Over Money Records Signs Bumps INF

    Many fans know “God Over Money” as the tagline for the hip hop movement sparked by Bizzle, the MC who created a massive online buzz with his Jay-Z’s got some “Explaining to Do” track/video and his The Messenger series of free mixtapes. Today, it’s also the name of the label he intends to use to launch ...