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    Thi’sl releases short documentary “Backstage – My Life”

    Thi’sl gives an inside look into his background, including first hand accounts from people that knew him when he ran the streets, as well as how he came to know Christ. This is a prelude to his new music video for the song “I Hate You” from his album ‘Chronicles of an X-Hustler’. The music video for I Hate You ...
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    Thi’sl Music Featured In Indie Film

    Many people that heard the songs, “I Hate You” and “Picture on a Shirt” from Thisl’s “Chronicles of an X Hustler”, had similar words, “This sounds like a movie soundtrack.” Someone else also felt that way after witnessing Thisl’s performance at “The Urban Missionary Tour” in Seattle, and that was independent filmmaker Chris Corey the director/producer of ...
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    In the Press: Xross – Between Jesus and Jay-Z

    Few people love hip-hop more than Xross. And few people hate it more than the Twin Cities-based rapper/minister, who is part of a growing — and, some might say, wholly unlikely — genre known as holy hip-hop. “Hip-hop culture has been hoodwinked and basically just lied to for way too long,” said Xross (“cross”), aka Korey Dean… Click here to ...
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    Mic Blu: Nureau Ink R&B Artist

    Mic Blu (also known as Mic B), a formidable vocalist, songwriter, and lyricist, is a youthful heart with with an old spirit. His blend of classic soul and newschool trends have garnered him recognition with gospel and secular fans alike.