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    I feel like our society is enamored with the concept of “randomness.”  TV shows and Youtube clips are full of content that feature spontaneity, with no predictable patterns, and oftentimes, without purpose.  It’s hilarious.  Even fan favorites such as The Office offer no predictability in the plot, which is ...

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    MLB batter to use Christian Hip Hop as At-Bat Theme Song for 2009 Season

    With Spring Training just around the corner, Major League Slugger and Baltimore Orioles Player Ryan Freel announced today that he will be using Los Angeles-based Gospel Rapper's (Easop) song titled: "Out Tha Box", as his personal theme music for at-bats during the 2009 baseball seaon.
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    Brags about getting Chop Chop first

    I normally wouldn’t put this up but this is funny. This guy brags about getting the new Ambassador “Chop Chop” album first before everyone, which drops in stores next Tuesday (9/23).
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    Review – Humble T.I.P. – Our Turn

      “Ay yo somebody sent me a message on myspace the other day to thank me       for using my gift for the kingdom. I'm like He only gave it to me so      I can give it back to Him and bring it back to the Church.”   {loadposition user201} This is how the debut album “Our Turn” by newcomer ...