• Antonious

    Christian Rap Veterans: Where are They Now? (Antonious)

    Christian Rap has continued to grow. When we look back, it seems that all we needed was a little “Jesus Music” to get the ball rolling. But long before Lecrae and Trip Lee, there were decades worth of pioneers in Christian rap that laid the groundwork for CHH to become what it is known as today. Antonious Colts AKA Tony ...
  • D.D.C. - "Plate Fulla Funk"

    Flashback Friday: D.D.C. – “Back To The Basics”

    Let’s move forward 4 years from last week and take a gander at what was happening with Christian hip-hop in 1996. During this era, it would be impossible to ignore Grapetree Records. Most people think of Grapetree as a Southern rap label, which makes sense when looking back from the future. However, you’ll notice things started out very differently. Today ...
  • Image

    It’s All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards Weekend!

    In 2008, the event formerly known as the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards will be billed as the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards. And instead of a strictly state-wide scope, this year's festivities will now encompass and honor artists from all across the United States who have and continue to blaze trails within inspirational hip ...