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    You choose Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s new cover for ‘The Whole Truth’!

    Xist Music and Da' T.R.U.T.H. are giving you the opportunity to pick the album cover that will be used for Da' T.R.U.T.H.'s upcoming album 'The Whole Truth'! Vote below, but pick wisely as you can only vote once.

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    Humble Beast signs ALERT

    Humble Beast has been planning it for months and today are proud to announce the newest members to the Humble Beast family… hailing from Chicago, IL – a 4 piece hip-hop band named Alert. This announcement doesn’t come empty handed either – today we present you their newest music video for the song “All I See Is Red”, as well ...
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    Rapzilla.com’s 11 Freshmen of 2011 – Kareem fka Katalyst

    Kareem Manuel fka Katalyst – follow Kareem Manuel @kareemmanuel Chicago has been known to create its cold weather and even colder emcees. Kareem fits the mold. Kareem launched his first album ‘Death by Design’ on the imprint he and his cohorts founded, Legacy Music. Using his gritty mid-western style, he pleads with the listener to follow Christ. And IF salvation ...
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    Jin Answers “from Battle Rapper to Christian Rapper?!”

    A couple weeks ago we posted a new song from Jin entitled "Welcome to the Light Club..." People started asking questions and it even caught the attention on some secular sites. Yesterday, Jin posted a new video answering all of this and sharing his testimony. Paise God!

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    Braille Giving Away Cloud Nineteen Caught on Video

    Here’s a video that we captured, of Braille with help from Syntax Records giving away his latest project, “Cloud Nineteen” with Symbolic One. Took place at Revolution ’09 in L.A., 500 were giving away free in just under 10 minutes. Watch the video showing it all 800% faster.
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    New Releases from Beatmart Recordings

    Beatmart Recordings, the label that brought you polished releases from Soul P., Japhia Life, Rob Hodge, and Eric Cross will be offering its entire instrumental catalog for digital download on 7/28/09. The tracks will be available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon.com, and all major online distribution sites.
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    Braille in the Studio this Week

    Braille is spending the week at Syntax Studios recording his next solo record titled “Audibly Enhanced Dreams”. Braille says "I know that sounds crazy, but basically I will be touring non-stop for 3 or 4 months so I figured I should at-least lay down the foundation for my next record so that I have time to ...
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    Rhema Soul releases new Album for Free!

    Rhema's Soul new EP has just been released for free download or for what ever price you want to pay for it! Support and download this bangin' album at: www.rhemasoulmusic.com

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    Flavor Alliance Video Newsletter

    Spec of Flavor Alliance is giving a video update. Check it out, news about Flavor Fest 2008, Jabo New Album, and more… T