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    Christian Rap Song Drops [February 26th 2021] (Listen Here)

    You know what day it is, music drop time! We have a whole bunch more Christian rap releases for you today. Here are just a few. Aaron Dews ft. Spencer Kane Battz Beleaf GB JP Killed It ft. Tre Orvalle J Torah ft. Kris Noel, Rhyan LaMarr, Mod G, E Mac & Chancy R. Konata Small Lamar Riddick L. Dejuan Legacy ...
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    Christian Rap Song Drops [February 5th 2021] (Listen Here)

    After last week’s barrage of singles, this week it’s a bit slower. However, that doesn’t mean we are weak on Christian Rap. Everyone showed up today! BrvndonP Crescendo Dubem ft. Ryan Cole GB Jae Houston Kevi Morse Phaino x Kris Noel Propaganda Weez the Satellite Kid x King Cross Xay Hill x Rapzilla ft. Raw-B Which of these Christian Rap ...
  • GB

    GB – Pteromerhanophobia ft. Yaa & She-Uno

    GB on his new track “Pteromerhanophobia” featuring Yaa & She-Uno: “Taking a leap of faith to pursue your dreams is quite the adventure. Betting on yourself and your talents, trusting God, and stepping out into the unknown, with the ever-looming possibility of failing — it can be a terrifying experience. Sure, it’s thrilling — exhilarating, even — to soar through ...
  • GB

    GB – Black Joy

    “Black Joy” by GB is the unapologetic celebration of Black culture and personhood. With a crowd-focused chorus, verse, and outro, “Black Joy” delivers the much-needed energy that’s often missed by the media. It’s an earnest attempt to uplift a community that’s been hindered for far too long. Listen to GB Below:  Rapzilla · GB – Black Joy
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    GB – Unstoppable

    “Unstoppable” by GB is the lead single off upcoming album titled, Out Of The Dark. “Too often, we get in our own way by choosing to suppress our flaws and shortcomings to make ourselves appear strong. In actuality, showing our weaknesses and insecurities allows those around us to connect with us in a genuine way. Don’t be afraid to tell ...
  • GB

    GB – Up Right Now

    “Up Right Now” by GB is about realizing you’re smiling but not knowing why. It’s a feel-good song and a song you can vibe to when the sun sets or when you’re driving down an open road with the windows down, top-down, or sunroof open. “Up Right Now” embodies the feeling of being in your happy place. It’s being in ...
  • GB

    GB – 30 for 30

    Contrary to what’s often said, life isn’t all downhill after age 30. GB brings his hard-hitting, fast-paced freestyle to life while showcasing both his rapping and basketball skills on and off the court. “30 for 30” brings it to the court. Watch GB below:
  • GB

    GB – Houdini

    GB dips into his bag of tricks on new single “Houdini” produced by 1995. “Each of us is unique, gifted with talents and skills that help us express our individuality. For some, these gifts are obvious; others may require a closer look. ‘Houdini’ promotes the idea of being comfortable in your own skin. No one can do what you do ...
  • GB

    GB – Keep The Change

    GB offers his two cents on “Keep The Change.” Purchase here. “Life looks a bit different when you get a hold of something you wouldn’t be able to afford on your own. When someone else’s sacrifice becomes your benefit, it’s best to embrace the changes that come with it.” Listen to GB Below: 
  • GB

    GB – 30 For 30

    DMV hip-hop artist GB released new single “30 For 30” as a celebration of a  milestone birthday. “Life is all downhill after age 30? Think again. An ode to the award-winning ESPN documentary series while celebrating a major life milestone, GB goes in with a hard-hitting, fast-paced freestyle chock-full of sports references.” Listen to GB below: