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    Propaganda in the studio finishing solo album

    Propaganda and Braille

    When I was growing up, to be authentically Hip Hop, one would be skilled in the 4 elements or the 4 pillars of Hip Hop as a DJ, MC, Breaking, and Graffiti. Propaganda is one of those few in Christian Hip Hop that encompasses all 4 and/or has utilized them over ...
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    k-Drama to release “BoomBaptism,” listen to single

    k-Drama has been slaving in the booth lately, putting the finishing touches on his 5th studio album “BoomBaptism” “BoomBaptism” is slated to drop Dec. 9th this year and includes some very special guest features and production. But until then, you can listen to k-Drama’s new single, “Air Jordan” by visiting www.myspace.com/kdrama.