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    Now In Stores – August 13 2013

    Hostyle Gospel ‘Desperation’ Purchase on iTunes | Album Listening Session Phanatik ‘The Lost Files of Phanatik’ Purchase on Bandcamp Upcoming Releases: – King Kulture: Stop The Traffic – 8/27 (Pre-order on iTunes) – KIDD ‘Murder My Flesh‘ – 9/3 (Pre-order on iTunes)
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    Why Your MP3s Sound Bad: High-Resolution Audio Explained

    Neil Young made waves this week with some comments about digital music files—first at the Sundance Film Festival, and then later in an All Things D interview. But lost in the media frenzy is his real point. Young wasn’t putting down all digital music. Instead, he was referring specifically to the compressed MP3 and AAC files most people listen to ...
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    Interview – k-Drama & Boombaptism

    If Hip Hop is dead, then it needs to be resurrected and submitted to the glorious Lord because God created it! I do Hip-Hop Music (aka Boom Bap) and I am in the church, so it's the best of both worlds. Boom-Bap-Tism. I feel that other than those that are known to be creative ...
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    Wit (of Frontlynaz) Beat Sale

    Stellar nominated Producer Wit (of the Frontlynaz) is having his biggest sale on beats ever. The "Recession Christmas Beat Sale." Known primarily for executive producing "Game Over" (Frontlynaz), Wit has numerous other production credits in Christian Hip Hop. Working with artists such as the likes of J. Johnson, Viktory, Corey Red, Japhia Life, Humble TIP, Phanatik of ...
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    Frequently Asked Questions for the Store

    How are files delivered to the Customer ? Our system stores the files in a protected directory that can only be accessed through special links that are generated by the system when payment is made. The download is sent to the customer once our servers verify the payment has been completed with the PayPal servers. I haven’t received the download ...