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    Mixtapes: A Huge Opportunity For Evangelism

    Mixtape's have been around since the late 70's, and many artists have found exposure and even gotten recording contracts from being featured on a mixtape. The mixtape in secular hip hop has been a proven outlet to promote your music in a cost effective way. Christian Hip Hop has been tapped into the ...
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    Ras & Nuwine Radio Interview

    Are the Good News Bad Boys back at it again? Could be. 3 days ago, Nuwine/Wine-O and Lil Raskull/Ras were interviewed on Houston’s Praise 92.1 FM’s “Street Gospel” show with DJ Wiz and Crazy C/DJ Revelation. During the hour-long show, Ras and Wine reminisced about their early days of ministry and discussed the impact of Pimp C’s words on Nuwine’s ...