• Erick Dayz

    Erick Dayz – Crown ft. D.A.T.E. ACADEMY music video

    Erick Dayz dropped his powerful music video “Crown featuring D.A.T.E. ACADEMY. “Following countless murders of unarmed black youth, and years of social unrest in the black community, I wanted to bring some hope to those it affects the most: our black and brown children. They are more than what they’ve been told or showed. They’re kings and queens,” said Dayz. ...
  • Erick Dayz

    Erick Dayz – Too Tainted

    Tallahassee-based artist Erick Dayz released a new single “Too Tainted” as part of his weekly series TRENCHDAY campaign. “It’s about having the desire to pursuit someone when God is telling you to resist. But because of our sinful nature, we tend to go after what’s not for us anyway.” Erick says. Listen to Erick Dayz below: Lyrics: Baby you know how ...
  • Erick Dayz

    Erick Dayz – Maintainin’ music video

    Erick Dayz is back as a wiser and more mature version of himself with a music video for his single, “Maintaining.” Watch Erick Dayz below: The song talks about his current life journey. He also encourages listeners to persevere and maintain, even when you feel like throwing in the towel. The “Trenchday” series featured “Maintainin’.” Dayz will release a song ...
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    Video: Descendantz – Undeniable ft. Erick Dayz, Selah the Corner & Datin

    A group comprised of members Eddie Nigma, DJ Morph & ELPro, Descendantz released a music video for their latest single "Undeniable," featuring Selah the Corner & Datin of God Over Money and Erick Dayz.