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    Lil Raskull Announces New Project ‘The Enemy Comes To Steel’

    Lil Raskull is regarded as a trail blazer in Christian Hip-Hop; he has been representing Christ through Hip-Hop since 1995 and many have been influenced by his example. The Houston, Texas native has released nine albums and has worked with noteworthy artist like Pettidee, L.G Wise and Nuwine. Also he released several classic albums under Grape ...
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    Andy Mineo – Everyday Thing

    DOWNLOAD FORMERLY KNOWN HERE At first glance, the title “Formerly Known” will strike a chord with anyone who has been following Andy Mineo’s music. Those who know about the name change from c-lite to Andy Mineo will get it, but that’s not the only reason the mysterious title. Each of us long to be understood, loved, known. Most of us ...