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    Pressing On: DJ Official

    If you've been to a Reach Records artist show recently and thought "wow, those boys put on a GREAT show!" then there is a person you can thank for that experience. That's the legendary DJ Official. He works with the artists and bands to craft a great live experience, and also mans the 1's and 2's ...
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    Tedashii Back In Studio Continuing Work On New Album

    Few artists have as extensive a catalog and as wide a following in CHH as Tedashii. His hits have always been knockout punches in the eager ears of his loyal listeners. But recently, the Reach Records veteran has been on the other end of his own battle. Durin the process of creating his next album, tragedy ...
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    Jin Answers “from Battle Rapper to Christian Rapper?!”

    A couple weeks ago we posted a new song from Jin entitled "Welcome to the Light Club..." People started asking questions and it even caught the attention on some secular sites. Yesterday, Jin posted a new video answering all of this and sharing his testimony. Paise God!

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    Interview – Zane One (of Tunnelrats)

    How did you come up with your nickname "Zane One"?
    My Real name is Zane,and I'm trying to live up to its meaning.Now I added the "One" on my tag when I would hit up in black books. From then on, everyone started calling me "Zane One." I pretend I'm a graff artist!
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    Tic Tock formerly of Gospel Gangstaz locked up

    Tic Tock formerly of Gospel Gangstaz is locked up on a murder charge. The Gospel Gangstaz have been one of the founding fathers of the Christian Hip Hop Movement. We received an alert that he needs encouragement, you can write Tic Tock letters for encouragement at the address below.

    Please write Tic ...