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    Album Listening Session: Justword ‘Light Generation’

    Buy on Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Dawn 2. The Dilemma (Feat. Martin Luther King Jr.) 3. Antidote 4. Expiration 5. Picture That 6. S.S.D.D. -Scriptures 7. Vile (Feat. Bondservant) 8. Made Low 9. Fresho 10. Hyphen (Feat. Ajay, Bondservant, Steve Ross) 11. Emotion (Feat. Bondservant) 12. Light Generation 13. Hollywood (Feat. Bondservant) 14. Yeah Yeah 15. Adam’s Family (Feat. Bondservant) 16. ...
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    Review – L.A. Symphony ‘The End Is Now’

    Rapzilla Staff Rating: Average User Rating: {mainvote} The story has been beaten to death. It’s 1997. A hip-hop super group is formed in LA with the talent to make it big with a sincere purpose. After an independent release, labels take heed. Upon signing a record deal, all Hades breaks loose. LA Symphony meets industry limbo, Call It What You ...