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    Are the methods creating madness?

    “Your favorite “Christian” hip-hop artist isn’t a Christian.” Have you ever heard that? What about this one: “Your favorite “holy” hip-hop artist doesn’t really rep the gospel.” Or how about this one: “Your favorite Christian emcee is okay but they talk about the gospel way too much.” And why would anyone feel like this or say something so ...
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    AHMAD: Back To “Back In The Day”

    We were excited to hear, about a year ago, that one of our favorite emcee's were coming out with new music. AHMAD, known for his classic hip hop single "Back In The Day", saw platinum success at the age of 17 in 1993. AHMAD also teamed up with West Coast favorites Saafir and Ras ...
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    Review – Deepspace5 ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’

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    Deepspace 5 is back with another classic crew album with all in house production and raps. When you have a crew of emcee's to represent, you get diversity in flow and production. This is the first offering from DS5 on the newly formed Mega Royal Records, headed by Dallas' own ...
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    Q&A: What Are Your Top 5 Christian Hip Hop Emcees?

    It's always interesting to hear what other people's favorite emcee's, or 'Top 5 Emcees' lists are.  We asked some folks in Christian Hip Hop who they would name as their Top 5 Christian Hip Hop Emcee's.  This list could change over time, as yours probably does, however at the moment, this group of people named their top/favorite Christian emcee's.  After ...

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    Interview – Diggy Simmons: Down With The King

    Rapzilla: Diggy how you doing bro? This is Chad with Rapzilla.com.
    Diggy: aye what's goin on man

    Rapzilla: First off, congrats on getting signed.
    Diggy: thanx man

    Rapzilla: I know your time is short, so I'll jump right into it.

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    Review – Braille ‘Weapon Aid’

    Over the past decade, in addition to his work on projects like Acts 29 and Light Headed, Braille has amassed quite the solo discography, constantly improving and refining his already promising writing and delivery. From his debut, Lifefirst: Half the Battle, to last year's Cloud Nineteen, those who have cared to have been able to ...
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    S.O.U.L. Mag Issue 15

    Crossover Church has been listed as one of America’s Most Innovative Churches for the past several years. Issue 15 highlights some of the unique things going down at Crossover in Tampa, Florida from their Sunday Vibe Services to their Juvenile Detention Center Outreach and much much more! We unmask some unknown heroes and the community as well as feature R&B ...
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    Kanye West on Ahmad

    Kanye West shows respect for the veteran emcee, Ahmad on the world famous Wake Up Show with Sway, King Tech, and DJ Revolution just in time for the first Ahmad solo album in 15 years. ” The Death of Me” coming soon! /!\ WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE /!\
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    It is true that in the Indonesian culture when a person has suffered or endured great misfortune, they can change their name to another. The belief is that in so doing he will confuse the evil spirits that have brought on the misfortune and things will turn to the good. And while ...
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    The Producer as Scientist

    Producers are no doubt a peculiar breed. At any hour they can be found (in their underwear) at a computer experimenting with different sounds, their wife/helpmate in the next room counting sheep or wondering what they got themselves into with this basket case. This is, in large part, how the producer communicates; he mixes together ...