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    Southern Lights Tour with Alex Faith & Dre Murray

    Rapzilla.com in conjunction with Alex Faith & Dre Murray of WLAK present: The Southern Lights Concert Series with special guests: Tragic Hero, JGivens, John Givez, Corey Paul, Reconcile and more. The concert series will run from February 15, 2014--April 15, 2014.
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    Top 10 Reasons Why Artists Reject Beats

    I wanted to compile a mildly humorous list of the top 10 reasons why your beats may get rejected by a rapper. The comments are rooted in truth, but satire is used to add humor. Reasons 10. There are too many producers to choose from, so yours got cut. Those pesky producers are flooding the market with too many options ...
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    Othello’s Bonus EP for all pre-orders!


    Hiphop IS Music is releasing in October the new Othello album dropping on the 30th.  "Alive At The Assembly Line" is worth the price alone (Braille believes), but if you place a pre-order before the official street date then they will hook you up with a FREE bonus EP.