• Dru Bex and Kay Sade

    Dru Bex & Kay Sade Announce Joint Album ‘UFO TOFU’ & Drop First Single

    Independent New Jersey artist and formerly one half of TheKnuBlack, Kay Sade, has teamed up with Canadian rapper Dru Bex, formerly of Role Model Records and RMG Amplify, to announce a joint album dropping this summer. The album, entitled UFO TOFU will highlight both artists’ unique styles and creativity as well as showcase Kay Sade’s production on a number of ...
  • Redman onbeatmusic

    Dru Bex and OnBeatMusic Record Praised By Hip Hop Legend

    You never know who is watching. Over the years there have been several mainstream celebrities who have confessed their love for the CHH genre and the art it produces, from AJ Styles and Steph Curry, to Mary J Blidge and Lupita Nyong’o. Yet as dope as those shout outs maybe, the love will always hit different when it comes from ...
  • DJ Evon

    DJ Evon – Power Up ft. Dru Bex, Poetics & Steven Malcolm

    DJ Evon released his track “Power Up” featuring Dru Bex, Poetics, & Steven Malcolm. It’s from the album Fear & Confidence. “Fear & Confidence is an Album that talks about the ups and downs of life. Also with this current Coronavirus it is now more important than ever to have a reminder that God is greater than Fear and to have Confidence.” ...
  • Dru Bex

    DRU BEX – NAVIGATOR 2020 music video

    Dru Bex said in appreciation, for almost One Million streams of Strange Days, Long Nights (released in March) “I want to present this previously unreleased video for ‘Navigator 2020’.” Watch Dru Bex Below:
  • Dru Bex

    Dru Bex – Know I Know ft. Jarry Manna

    Dru Bex released a new single today featuring Jarry Manna called “Know I Know.” “It’s all about declaring the goodness and sovereignty of God as something I’m sure of, possibly the only thing I’m sure of.” Click here to Stream or Buy this song on any platform Listen to Dru Bex – Know I Know below: 
  • 5

    Dru Bex – Okay Okay ft. Toyalove

    We partnered with Dru Bex on this new single called “Okay Okay” featuring Toyalove. “‘Okay Okay” is about being confident in your lane and your God-given destiny. Accepting that there will always be those who don’t rock with you or see what you have to offer but just shrugging off the negativity.” To Stream or Buy on any digital music ...
  • 23

    Dru Bex – Exodus

    Dru Bex recently released a new single titled “Exodus.” “Exodus is about the modern state of our world and how we are all trying to move towards our personal promised land (i.e. peace, financial freedom etc.) but often end up lost, confused and bickering amongst ourselves as we try to find our way. Inevitably, there is only one destination but ...
  • Christian rap

    Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week – 8/16/19

    New content is released every week, and it’s sometimes easy for it to get lost in the shuffle. For that reason, we’d like to offer up this weekly rewind. These are some of our favorite releases to make their way to us for review — the Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week. ZoDaPrince – Grant Street Nightmare ZoDaPrince ...
  • Dru Bex

    Dru Bex – Mosh

    Dru Bex released a new single today called “Mosh.” Dru says, “Mosh is about not being afraid to jump into the mix with non-believers instead of staying on the safety of the stage. The cover art depicts a dense crowd of people (white and black) with a cross in the middle representing the light in the midst of the crowd.” Stream/Buy ...
  • Dru Bex

    Dru Bex and OnBeatMusic – Crown

    You know Dru Bex got to celebrate the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship! Dru Bex and OnBeatMusic teamed up to create the anthem, “Crown.” Watch Dru Bex and OnBeatMusic Below: Stream “Crown” here.