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    Rest In Christ: Christopher Walk aka Citizen Aim

    Christopher Jon Walk aka Citizen Aim: 11/05/81 – 08/21/10 Read a post by Doug Van Pelt at HM Magazine here. Also read a post by Citizen Aim’s record label and best friend over at Humble Beast Records by Odd Thomas. In that post you can watch a video by current_ tv that was done prior to Citizen Aim’s death, that ...
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    “Holy hip-hop artist” jailed for child molestation

    A South Carolina man claiming to be a "holy hip-hop artist" and a "youth minister" was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to molesting a 3-year-old while living with the child's mother last summer.

    Damien Brown, 30, was allegedly in the city working on a hip-hop video in June ...