DIE-REK – Praises of Men music video

    For his single “Praises of Men,” DIE-REK organized a music video! The song carefully analyses the supposed importance of men’s admiration. It’s safe to assume that he humbly accepts any renowned kudos, but he also knows that his legacy is greater than Earthly trinkets. Watch DIE-REK Below: Stream “Praises of Men” on Spotify and Apple Music.
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    DIE-REK & Dj Sean P – No Question

    Death has no terrors for DIE-REK as he bounces back to life, plays postman and addresses questions in the form of big ups for the big man upstairs. Over a bouncy, head-nodding swing, he throws up thanks for how his blessings reign supreme, and how it’s less about him and more about who is within. Along with DJ Sean P, ...

    TNV – Work ft. DIE-REK [Free Download]

    Die-Rek dropped his new song “Work” for free download on Rapzilla’s SoundCloud. Listen and DL Die-Rek Below: 

    DIE-REK – Unpredictable ft. Rel McCoy

    DIE-REK laid down solid verses on his new single “Unpredictable” featuring Rel McCoy on the hook. Listen to DIE-REK Below:  Buy or stream here.
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    Rel McCoy & DIE-REK – Hallelujah

    Rel McCoy drops single three “Hallelujah” featuring DIE-REK. Rel is joined by his label-mate and brethren, DIE-REK, to pop off the track. “While both ponder over their sobering thoughts and tinker with their coping mechanisms, their collective spirit of thanksgiving shines through in the bars. Master craftsman wordplay erupts in abundance over some angelic funk that sounds fresher than a ...
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    Die-Rek – Praises of Men

    Rapper Die-Rek dropped his new single “Praises of Men.” Dropped this New single today “Praises of Men” Click below to stream, download or purchase the joint! Available on all music platforms. 🙏🏿 Much… https://t.co/tjjReX5VYd — DIE-REK (@DIEREK) February 15, 2019 Listen to Die-Rek Below:  Purchase here.
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    Die-Rek – I’m So Potential

    Rapper Die-Rek dropped his new single “I’m So Potential” for free download. Listen to Die-Rek Below:  Stream here.
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    Die-Rek – The Name is Die-Rek

    “There is power in a name. The best names command attention, intrigue and respect. This rings true with the lead single from Illect Recordings’ newest signee, Die-Rek.” a press release stated, Staying true to his name and style, Die-Rek is just that. With his flow, delivery, meaning and method, there’s no ambiguity or confusion. The impact is as powerful as ...