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    10 Commandments Creatively Presented By Matthew Movement

    Matthew Movement is created by a pair of brothers from Orlando Florida. We ran into the owners of the designer t-shirt line at Flavor Fest in Tampa Florida this past October. The designs grabbed my attention and kept me from walking on to an artist interview we were about to film. The designs were all different ...
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    DJ Official ‘I Didn’t Invent The Remix’

    *Cover designed by @FrankCage11 for RekCity Designs DOWNLOAD LINK Tracklist: 1. Lecrae – Hallelujah (90s Radio Remix) 2. Trip Lee – Know Me (String Mix) 3. theBREAX – Brilliant Realness (Still Shinin’ Remix, feat. Sho Baraka) 4. Lecrae, Flame, KJ-52 – Show Off (Guitar Remix) 5. Stephen The Levite, Phanatik, Evangel – Not My Own (Louder Remix) 6. Muze One ...
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    Interview – Spec (Graphic Designer)

    Spec is a full time staff member of Crossover Church in Tampa, FL. Which primarily focuses on reaching those influenced by hip-hop culture. He's the director of the media department, and have final say on all designs/media that Crossover produces. He serves as CEO Flavor Alliance Media Group (urban resources) in partnership with Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen and Mike Estep. ...