• Christian rap

    Why 2016 was Perhaps the Greatest Year of Christian Rap (Pt. 1) [Opinion]

    Christian rap has existed in many different forms over the past few decades. While some years have been better than others, which was the best? I’m going to attempt to tell you. Introduction and Disclosure The sub-genre of Christian Rap is constantly changing, and over the past several years there have been many within CHH who have reached greater heights. ...
  • Deraj

    Deraj – Genes Remix

    Deraj dropped a remix of his track “Genes,” with this version produced by GIDI. The song was originally released at the top of the year. Listen to Deraj Below: 
  • Deraj, Quinten Coblentz

    Deraj, Quinten Coblentz, and James Chmbrs – Used to Be

    Deraj, Quinten Coblentz, and James Chmbrs all hoped on a track for “Planet Rap,” a collaboration album. The song’s title is “Used to Be.” Listen to Deraj, Quinten Coblentz, and James Chmbrs Below: Check out one of Coblentz’s other singles here and one of Deraj’s here.  
  • Deraj

    Deraj – Come With Us ft. nobigdyl. & BreeKay

    All good things must come to an end. “Come With Us” by Deraj, is the fifth and final installment to a five-part video series entitled “Saturday.” This song is an invitation to go against the status quo and what we think the road to success looks like. It’s letting listeners know, we can take the scenic route to the place ...
  • Propaganda SXSW

    Reflect Greatness Showcase at SXSW 2019 (Photo Recap)

    Check out these photos from the Reflect Greatness Showcase at SXSW 2019. Photographed by Charlie Del Tres. The lineup from left to right and top to bottom: Kurtis Hoppie, Bookie The Baby, NOAH SCHATZ, Aklesso, Parris Chariz, Reconcile, Deraj, Ruslan, Jon Keith, Paul Russell, Kaleb Mitchell, Aha Gazelle, Dee-1, Propaganda.
  • Deraj

    Deraj – Dance ft. Jocelyn Bowman

    Deraj dropped another track in his five-part “Saturday” series. “Dance” features Jocelyn Bowman and is a reminder to be free. Listen to Deraj Below: Buy or stream here.
  • Dee-1

    Reflect Greatness Hip-Hop Showcase at SXSW

    The Reflect Greatness hip-hop showcase returned to SXSW for a bigger and better second year. If you weren’t there, you missed out witnessing a lot of greatness at one location, in one night! The showcase was presented by HipHopDX, Reflection Music Group, and Rapzilla.com and held at The Belmont on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 in Austin, TX. Due to the ...
  • Deraj

    Deraj – Breathe ft. CASS

    RMG’s Deraj dropped his new single “Breathe” featuring CASS. Listen to Deraj Below:  Buy or stream here.
  • 1k phew

    1K Phew on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – Ep. 125

    Reach Records artist 1K Phew is our featured guest on this episode of Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – our 2 hour syndicated radio show and podcast. He talks about his new album, What’s Understood.  WHATUPRG – Rosegold Byron Juane – Elevate Ft. Jon Keith Rockstar JT – Drip Bayless Ft. Aha Gazelle & Parris Chariz Rhomar Jessy – ME & U ...
  • Deraj

    Deraj – Everything

    Deraj dropped a new single today called “Everything.” ‘”Everything” is the first installment to a 5 part video series entitled “Saturday”. The song encourages listeners to find contentment and an appreciation for life in a fast-paced society. It reminds us, if we have our needs met, we truly have everything even when it may not feel like it.” Listen to ...