• Big Yae

    Big Yae Announces ‘Young Gohan’ Album

    Big Yae has announced a new album that will be arriving, December 20th. Young Gohan, the second project album from Big Yae, is a 13 track offering with 4 additional bonus tracks for listeners. Young Gohan boasts production from 1995, Killawatts, Cardec Drums, Enzo Gran, and OnBeatMusic while also hosting guest features from Rockstar Jt, CZAR Josh, Kham, and Phil ...
  • Big Yae

    Big Yae – JA7A ft. Kham & CZAR Josh

    Big Yae and the rest of his Culture Villains’ comrades have re-released one of their most popular songs to perform, “JA7A.” The Enzo Gran produced track, sees each rapper showing pride for their home area as they display a fast-paced delivery throughout the song. “JA7A” was originally released in a demo format with the ‘2 for 1’ double single release. ...
  • CZAR Josh

    CZAR Josh – Mansa Musa ft. Rockstar Jt music video

    CZAR Josh and Rockstar Jt released their video to their collaborative single “Mansa Musa.” “Mansa Musa” takes the viewer through three different eras of black history while showcasing historic sites in the city of Philadelphia. The video, directed by Jonny Clay, aims to give an aggressive and charged visual to the pro-black anthem. “I wanted my visuals to continue to ...
  • 26

    The Guide to Rapzilla at A3C Festival in Atlanta

    For the first time, Rapzilla.com, along with Reach Records, The Erinn Affect, Reflection Music Group, and more, are producing artist showcases at A3C, the nation’s largest Hip-Hop festival and conference! Check out our schedule for our events at A3C Festival below and CLICK HERE to get tickets. (All of our events will be take place at MET Atlanta) Use The ...
  • Christian rap

    Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week – 8/23/19

    New content is released every week, and it’s sometimes easy for it to get lost in the shuffle. For that reason, we’d like to offer up this weekly rewind. These are some of our favorite releases to make their way to us for review — the Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week. Jarry Manna – Hard Days ft. ...
  • Thomas Iannucci

    Thomas Iannucci, King Chav, Czar Josh, Weez da Satellite Kiid, Big Yae, Rich Colón, Shiwan, ...

    Thomas Iannucci, King Chav, Czar Josh, Weez da Satellite Kiid, Big Yae, Rich Colón, Shiwan, J. Crum, Kay Sade, Phil J. all got together for the “Illyindé Remix Cypher.” The song is executive-produced by Nomis and co-produced by original Illyindé collaborator Joe Ayindé, the “Illyindé Remix” track is a nod to the popular cypher format of groups like BET and ...
  • CZAR Josh, Rockstar Jt

    CZAR Josh – Mansa Musa ft. Rockstar Jt

    CZAR Josh keeps pushing pro-black and conscience topics in his music. His newest single, “Mansa Musa” featuring Rockstar Jt, is an aggressive and emotional track that finds both artists displaying pride in their heritage. Listen to CZAR Josh Below: Stream “Mansa Musa” here.
  • CZAR Josh

    CZAR Josh – IDWCMH ft. John Givez

    CZAR Josh provides new visuals with the release of “IDWCMH” featuring John Givez. While listeners find Josh sharing his personal struggles and pain from a strained friendship, the Jonny Clay directed video takes an abstract look at the effects of gentrification in urban neighborhoods. Josh takes us on a journey through his neighborhood that has been impacted as he mentally ...
  • nomis

    Bar Exam: Nomis – Open Season (Single) [One Listen Review]

    Nomis released a new track today entitled “Open Season” featuring Joe Ayinde, J. Crum, Thomas Ianucci, Czar Josh, and Shiwan. Very rarely will I review a single, but at first blush, this doesn’t seem to be just an average single. The bar exam is a sharing of notes from my true first listen to a project (or today, a song.) ...
  • Nomis

    Nomis – Open Season ft. Joe Ayinde, J. Crum, Czar Josh, Thomas Iannucci, & Shiwan

    Nomis grabbed a bunch of his friends for this ridiculous track. It features three Rapzilla Freshmen (Joe Ayinde, Czar Josh, and Shiwan) along with a Hawaiian Grammy winner (Thomas Iannucci), and a crazy talented Nebraskan (J. Crum). Listen to Nomis and friends Below: