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    Video: The Future Glory [Romans 8:18 – 30]

    The Streetlights Multimedia Bible team is excited to release the first video from their upcoming Volume 2: The Blueprint multimedia curriculum. Volume 2: The Blueprint aims to walk the listener through the biblical themes of Law and Grace as found in Exodus 1-20 and the book of Romans.
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    Streetlights ‘Volume 2: The Blueprint’

    The Streetlights Urban Audio Bible, Volume 2: The Blueprint contains dynamic content that includes Exodus 1-20 and the book of Romans read word for word over a hip hop soundtrack crafted by production heavy hitters Wit and Tee Wyla.

    The book of Exodus is narrated by Humble Beast artist Boogalu of ALERT312 and ...
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    Review – 116 ‘Man Up’ Film & Album

    It is very safe to say that men do not have the position & influence in our culture they once had. When Beyonce declared that “girls run the world”, her statement was not met with a drop of opposition. All over the media men are emasculated, from sitcoms to talk shows. Other than ...
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    ‘Man Up’ – What Will You Do With This Life?

    "I got some tragic news today. Real manhood has died they say. But you can wipe your tears away. A revolution is formed; another will be born!"

    There's an ongoing war within urban culture. Confusion over what manhood is has plagued our cities, families and lives. The concept of ...
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    Reachlife 13 Letters Curriculum is Available


    ReachLife Ministries first major release is here! Two years in the making, ReachLife presents 13 Letters - The Curriculum. 13 high quality video lessons full of solid teaching from your favorite artists.

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    13 Letters Curriculum + Preview Videos

    The themes from the 116 Clique album "13 Letters" are expanded and brought into more depth "13 Letters Curriculum" with 13 video-based lessons all on DVD to help you teach and grow. It's a hip hop survey of the Pauline Epistles brought to life with music, street interviews, and teaching from each artist involved such as Lecrae, Sho Baraka, ...

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    116 Clique’s 13 Letters Re-release “Expanded Edition”

    Speak the language. It started with hip hop music, and now Reach expands its influence through biblically based media targeted at the urban culture. ReachLife Ministries is a nonprofit started to fulfill a need in the church to provide relevant training resources for the next generation.