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    ‘Man Up’ – What Will You Do With This Life?

    "I got some tragic news today. Real manhood has died they say. But you can wipe your tears away. A revolution is formed; another will be born!"

    There's an ongoing war within urban culture. Confusion over what manhood is has plagued our cities, families and lives. The concept of ...
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    Jai ‘Culture Shock’ Album Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

    From the mouth of Kirk Franklin, “Jai is the next BIG thing.”
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    Have you seen those cheesy novelty tees? You know the one’s I’m talking about right? Shirts that aim to remake a store brand and Christianize it. Stuff like “OURAPOSTLE” or this one or maybe you’ve seen this one. I always cringe a little bit when I see stuff like this and its ...
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    The Youth Are Listening Campaign

    Bobby “Tre9” Herring of DaSouth.com wants to lead a revolution to change the FCC regulations of what is allowed on radio stations. He feels that the content too violent, graphic and worst of all too sexual. Adults have the choice to change the station if they don’t like what they hear, but kids are heavily influenced by pop culture and ...
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    New Phanatik Album ‘Party Over Here’

    Cross Movement Records announces the third solo album from veteran, East-coast emcee Phanatik, original member of the pioneering rap group The Cross Movement. Phanatik creatively delivers a fun, heart-challenging project titled Party Over Here, set to hit stores on November 23, 2010.
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    Rap Fest 2010

    (Bronx, NY, August 03, 2010) Rap Fest 2010 is a FREE, all day evangelistic outreach concert / festival held in the streets (or a park) within an urban community. It’s more than just a concert. It’s a time of bringing forth God’s Word to the ears and hearts of young people using hip ...
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    Relic set to release New Album “The Green Light”, Watch EPK

    For over fifteen years, Relic has been inspiring audiences with his unique musical style and lyrical bravado. In an age where the Hip-Hop market seems to be fixated on magnifying the persona of 'Shot callers' and 'High Rollers', Relic has stayed above the fray by ensuring his music and lifestyle remain synonymous. His faith is what helps him ...
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    Pigeon John & Flynn Adam are Rootbeer, The Tour Dates

    Rootbeer (Pigeon John and Flynn Adam) are hittin' the road! The simple shortcut to that Rootbeer descriptive word puzzle could be something like "MGMT injected with some N.E.R.D and A Tribe Called Quest".
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    It is true that in the Indonesian culture when a person has suffered or endured great misfortune, they can change their name to another. The belief is that in so doing he will confuse the evil spirits that have brought on the misfortune and things will turn to the good. And while ...
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    Trip Lee New Music Video “Real Vision” feat. Tedashii

    Trip Lee releases brand new music video “Real Vision” featuring Tedashii from sophomore album “20/20”! [Watch Now] About Real Vision We are constantly bombarded with messages to believe from popular culture, from churches, from friends, etc. It seems like everywhere we turn someone has something they want us to buy into. But which messages line up with the heart of ...