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    Social Club Releases “Misfits 2′ Cover

    The duo that has made waves in music and in countless lives known as Social Club, made up of artists Fern and Marty Mar, are gearing up to release their new album April 29th. Here is the cover for the album entitled ‘Misfits 2’. Let us know what you think
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    Red Society Release ‘Red Society’ EP

    The entire ministry, group, and project “Red Society” is based off of a single concept- to witness to a generation that is covered, purified, and washed by the blood of Christ. The group emerged after the three members ministered together, and worked with various broken families and teens for months in the city of Gainesville, Georgia. ...
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    Holy culture has found a home in Canada

    With all eyes on Canada for the next big musical sensation, a young entrepreneur, Sola Ogunbitan, has just the right answer, Role Model Records (RMR). Sola Ogunbita, CEO and co-founder of Role Model Records (RMR), announces the launch of this urban record label featuring artists that fuse Gospel with hip hop, R&B, contemporary and neo-African music. Along with ...