• Corey Wise and Tre'Gadd

    Corey Wise and Tre’gadd – Angelz Round Me

    Corey Wise and Tre’gadd may have dropped the catchiest hook of the year. Listen for yourself. Listen to Corey Wise and Tre’gadd Below:  Buy here.
  • Corey Wise and Tre'Gadd

    Corey Wise and Tre’Gadd Announce New EP

    Corey Wise and Tre’Gadd have teamed up to bring the Gospel to people in a new way. Their joint EP is called To Die Is Gain. It’s set to drop March 8. “Every year, as a matter of fact, every minute, we see people falling away from faith in Jesus Christ,” Wise and Tre’Gadd said. “As we looked at the culture ...
  • 9

    Rapzilla.com’s 15 Freshmen of 2019

    We’re excited to announce the 8th annual Rapzilla.com Freshmen class! The Rapzilla.com staff looked at around 30 new artists on the radar for our Rapzilla.com Freshmen Class of 2019. We narrowed down the list to the 15 artists that we think are going to lead the way. Our opinion is subjective of course, however, the one criteria that these artists ...
  • 2019 Rapzilla Freshmen Nominees

    Readers’ Choice: 2019 Rapzilla Freshmen Class Ballot (Vote Now)

    Hello Rapzilla Readers and Artists, it is time. Christmas is over, the New Year is imminent, and the Rapzilla Freshmen for 2019 will be named! Every year we make a list of around 50 candidates and whittle it down to 40, 30, 20, and finally 15. It’s never easy. Sometimes we miss people. Sometimes an artist we pick fizzles out, but ...
  • J-Phish

    J-Phish Dissects Latest Three Singles & Hints at New Music

    J-Phish has had a productive year, releasing an album and a few singles. We talked with Phish and he explained what went behind his latest three singles: “Get Some” ft. ISeeYouKev & Corey Wise, “Bless a Savage” ft. Xay Hill, Jeff Cabreja, & Tre’Gadd, and “How About Now.” Get Some ft. ISeeYouKev & Corey Wise “[ISeeYouKev] had never released a ...
  • five new songs

    Five New Songs You Need to Hear This Week – 10/27/18

    What’s up Rapzilla readers and listeners? Every week 100’s of songs are submitted and dropped and we are tasked with narrowing those down to songs we think you’d like to hear. Last week featured a lot of gems, and we decided to narrow it down to what we feel is the best five. So without further adieu, check these out, ...
  • Corey Wise

    Corey Wise – Free Fall

    Maryland rapper Corey Wise released a new single, “Free Fall” produced by Gwalla. “This song is # 3 of a story about the struggles of pride, anger, sickness and peer pressure. It’s about being too prideful and full of yourself to the point you lose control. Only Jesus can truly take full control of a situation and turn it around. ...
  • Corey Wise

    Corey Wise – Rooftops

    Hip-hop artist Corey Wise released a music video for the single “Rooftops” from his latest EP project ‘4ever Is Now.’ “The song reflects on the importance of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation and not being afraid to admit that you are a follower of Jesus.” Watch Corey Wise below: Buy the EP here.
  • Corey Wise

    Corey Wise – Crash (Fast 5 Fridays Q & A)

    Maryland rapper Corey Wise released a new single with a very relevant message, “Crash.” He spoke to us for our Fast 5 Fridays segment. 1. What is the general message behind this song? I would say the general message behind the song is “Redemption in Christ.” Drug addiction has become glorified now more than ever, and with the recent passing ...
  • Tre'Gadd

    Tre’Gadd – Black Sheep ft. Corey Wise

    Tre’Gadd released a new single, “Black Sheep” featuring Corey Wise, from his upcoming album ‘Raw’ dropping Sept. 7. ‘”Black sheep” is about being a misfit. Being the one who stands out for Jesus and what that looks like. Not submitting to Lust, Racism, Hate, and more, but walking like Jesus and being confident in looking like Him.” Tre’Gadd said.  Listen ...