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    J.R. Shares His Process of Creating A Song

    First off, shout out to Rapzilla for creating this space for songwriters! I believe the more insight we have on the creation process of song composing, will in return only help to make better song composers. The reason I chose to share my song composing process instead of that of my tracks (Instrumental or beat) is ...
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    The Producer as Scientist

    Producers are no doubt a peculiar breed. At any hour they can be found (in their underwear) at a computer experimenting with different sounds, their wife/helpmate in the next room counting sheep or wondering what they got themselves into with this basket case. This is, in large part, how the producer communicates; he mixes together ...

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    Flynn Adam signs with Gotee Records

    In keeping with their boutique approach to finding and nurturing musical talent, Gotee Records has signed a deal with Flynn Adam (of L.A. Symphony), with his first two singles “Such a Time” and “Just Don’t Get It” , as well as a music video for “Such a Time” being given the finishing touches for a Fall 2008 ...
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    Release date for Eric Cross album is set!

    A lot of people have been wondering about Eric Cross album release since the Beatmart deal, well here it is the much anticipated album entitled "The Art of Composition" will be dropping 4/1/08 under Beatmart Recordings.  It's official! 
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    Ends Of The Earth Vol.1

    End Of Earth Records announces the re-release of the rare, yet classic compilation, To The Ends Of The Earth Vol 1. This compilation features hard to find songs by Mars Ill, Phonetic Composition, Sev Statik, Future Shock, The Foundation (Dokument & Jerms from Tunnel Rats).