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    Th3 Saga Brings The Gospel to the Battle Rap Scene

    Th3 Saga (left) battles Notic Da Boss at Battle Another Rapper Showcase. Th3 Saga has been battling since 2012 on multiple stages including URL.

    Luis Daniel Lebron is a rapper/singer/songwriter who is originally from and grew up in Brooklyn with his two brothers, mother, and father. Luis, who goes by Th3 Saga, isn’t your ...
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    Kanye West & 50 Cent vs. The Ambassador & Lecrae

    While Kanye West & 50 Cent competed for sales, The Ambassador & Lecrae join forces to bring you more Jesus Music. Watch as they discuss their reason for releasing new projects, The Chop Chop (in stores 9/23/08) & Rebel (in stores 9/30/08) just one week apart.