• Lecrae Rebel CD

    Listen to 3 New Songs from Lecrae’s Rebel

    Lecrae’s Rebel album is releasing next month and here our 3 songs you can listen to right now! Comment on what you think of the songs! 1. Don’t Waste Your Life ft. Cam, Dwayne Tryumf 2. Live Free ft. Sho Baraka, Jai 3. Got Paper
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    New Christian Rap Music Videos

      In the last week there have been several new Hip Hop videos added to the site. Check them out, rate and comment. KJ-52 – Do Yo Thang Humble T.I.P. – It's Our Turn Manafest – So Beautiful Sharlock Poems – Love Sho Baraka – Higher Love theBREAX – Two Miles An Hour Click here to watch
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    Lecrae back from UK

      Lecrae was in the United Kingdom and it was "CRAAAAZY! I couldn't really capture it in words. Spiritually there was a strong sincerity and desire to know and love Jesus," says Lecrae. He also adds on his myspace blog "Musically the believers there are incredibly talented. Don't sleep America!" If anyone finds any footage on Youtube, or if you ...
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    Comments don’t Bite

    Photo by: Tony Harrison A friendly reminder that adding comments on Rapzilla won’t hurt or bite you. Feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, likes & dislikes, comments. This is what the comment box on all pages is for. So feel free to comment on the articles, reviews, news, videos, anything and anywhere you can comment. PS: You can start ...
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    Eric Cross for Sale!

      By now you must have heard that Eric Cross' Art of Composition will be released April 1st nationwide on Beatmart Recordings. "This 13 track banger is sure to please" says Beatmart on their website, but how would you know if it sounds good or not until April 1st right? Wrong! You can now buy the digital download of the ...