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    Swoope and Christon Gray Hitting the road on the Northern Lights Tour

    Northern Lights is a concert brand of Collision Booking. Founded in 2014, the tour is coming just on the heels of the widely successful Alex Faith and Dre Murray tour, Southern Lights. With the recent release of Christon Gray’s Collision Records debut (#5 on Billboard R&B), School of Roses, and Swoope’s newly released sophomore release on Collision (#1 on ...
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    Taelor Gray – The Straw Man

    Download Here 1. Straw Man Intro 2. Details 3. Vapor 4. Square ft. Joe Cooper 5. Temptation ft. D. Marshall 6. Lambs 7. Scars 8. Homiletic ft. Kai 9. Beauty 10. Supernatural by Grant D. Groff 11. Phoenix ft. Tres Carter 12. Ambiguous 13. Churchy ft. Aaron Flewellen 14. Plight (the machine) 15. Hymnody by Lance Hancock and Elizabeth Gray ...
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    WLAK – Let’s Go

    *Produced by Swoope || Graphic designed by @GraphixMain “Let’s Go” by WLAK, the group consisting of Collision Records artists Swoope, Dre Murray, Alex Faith & Christon Gray, is a Kanakuk Kamps’ (KAA) 2013 theme song.
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    Review – W.L.A.K. ‘W.L.A.K.’

    Rapzilla Staff Rating: Average User Rating: {mainvote} In a genre where an iconic figure has referred to himself as the “God MC” for over a decade, another has referred to himself as “The King of the South” for nearly the same period of time, a legendary duo from Port Arthur, TX elected to name its collective effort “Underground Kingz” over ...
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    W.L.A.K. Self-Titled Debut Album Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

    Collision Records has revealed the cover and tracklisting for the upcoming W.L.A.K. self-titled debut album.