• Drakare

    Drakare Drops New Album ‘Little Things Matter’

    Drakare Abaa has been steadily giving a huge amount of energy to his musical career in the past year with fresh music projects including Talking Drums released in 2021. He’s beginning the new year in a very promising position that we cannot just overlook as he once again thrills us with the release of another project titled Little Things Matter. ...
  • Acer Chap

    Nigerian Rapper Acer Chap Drops New Single ‘Boon’

    Nigerian rapper Chukwuebuka Ohanenye, popularly known as Acer Chap has just dropped a new single titled “Boon” a follow-up for his previous single “Soar” released a while ago.  “Boon,” is a word that signifies blessings and a timely benefit. Boon is a friend that helps you through the lessons. As the lyrics go, Acer Chap talks of his blessings during ...
  • Grammy

    What Should Success Mean to a Christian Rap Artist? [Op-Ed]

    Two billion streams on Spotify and Apple Music, a gazillion number of Grammy’s, BET’s, MTV award plaques on your shelf, an overflow of people at your concert and tour shows, and sold-out merchandise within minutes. These heights are the typical criteria that people use to measure success. The pressure to attain and acquire these things is so insane and rampant ...
  • Christian rap - Mic Drop

    Christian Rap’s Early Pioneers Finally Get the Roses They Deserve (Mic Drop Recap)

    I had the great fortune of being invited to cover the Mic Drop Film screening and concert in Dallas, Texas. The film, created by Darius West, was a labor of love that had been in the works for over five years. June 19th was the second public screening of the film, but this time around, all of the legends of ...
  • Drakare

    Nigerian Rapper Drakare Drops New Single ‘Night Lights’

    Following the release of his project Talking Drums which had a pretty impressive run, Nigerian rapper, and Poet Drakare is back with a new single titled “Night Lights.” A song that shows his total submission and belief in Christ, it’s an anthem for all believers. When asked about what brought about the song, Drakare had this to say; “Night Lights ...
  • Christian rap, Bizzle, Kanye West, Trip Lee, Lecrae

    10 Christian Rap Artists Collaborations We Want, But May Never See

    A few weeks ago, we made a post asking what your dream Christian Rap collaborations would be. We got some great suggestions in our comments, so we wanted to share some of them. So here are 10 Christian Rap artists collaborations we want, but may never see. The list below is not in any particular order. Read Rapzilla’s Post Below: ...
  • Christian rap

    The Stigmatization of Christian Rap in African Communities

    This article will address something critical, and it would mirror the sentiments I’ve always felt ever since I became a fan of Christian Rap. As a Nigerian who grew up in Nigeria, I was surrounded by people who thought of Hip-Hop as a vulgar genre of music. While growing up, people mentioned the word “hip-hop” with so much criticism. People always ...
  • Spillz Ochai

    Spillz Ochai Releases Strong Follow-up project with ‘Replenish Vol. 2’

    Nigerian rapper and singer Spillz Ochai never stops serving jams and this has been evident in all his releases. As a follow-up to his 2020 project, Spillz has released a second side of the tape filled with collaborations with amazing artists like Angeloh, Rehmahz, and more. According to Spillz he shared this: “Replenish EP project brings to my consciousness the mandate ...
  • Christian rap

    10 More Overused Christian Rap Lines and Cliches

    Like every other music genre in existence, there are certain phrases that are too popular among songwriters. Christian Rap is no different. Since you all liked the first article so much, we decided to do another. So, here are 10 more overused Christian Rap Cliches and Lines. These choices are in no specific order. Also, the descriptions and choices are ...
  • DaBoomsha

    DaBoomsha Releases 5-track EP ‘Everything Good Will Come’

    One of Nigeria’s most prolific Christian rappers popularly known as DaBoomsha has released his highly anticipated project Everything Good Will Come, his first project since the release of the joint album Peace of God with Stoute Louis. DaBoomsha is known for his wordplay and keeps raising the bar higher than we ever thought, dishing out gems in his songs. Everything ...