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    5 Christian Rap Artists and Producers from Canada (Part 2)

    Christian Rap has expanded all over the globe. Needless to say, there are some dope international artists and producers that deserve the spotlight. In this article, we highlight some from Canada. Check out Part 1 here. The Journalist The Journalist is a rapper from Caronport, Saskatchewan who has been rapping for 25 years and releasing music since 2007. He was ...
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    5 Underrated Audio Engineers in Christian Rap

    There are many stages involved in the song-making process. One of the most important stages is mixing and mastering, which is often overlooked in Christian rap. So here are 5 audio engineers in our space that are changing the game one mix at a time. Jxhn Pvul Jxhn Pvul is a Puerto Rican audio engineer from Central Florida. He has ...
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    6 Underrated Christian Rap Artists From Canada

    The Christian Rap scene is predominantly found within the United States with many artists coming up from there. However, America’s friendly neighbor, Canada has a lot of dope talent that are making moves in CHH. Here are six underrated Christian artists from Canada. Phaino Phaino was born in Iraq but moved to Canada when he was one, practically being raised ...
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    10 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 20 Years Old In 2021

    There are a lot of Christian Rap artists in this day and age but it’s necessary for us to pay respects to the pioneers and artists before us. So here are 10 Christian Rap Albums that turned 20 years old in 2021. Sevin – All Or None This is Sevin’s debut album from 1999 which was re-released in September of ...
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    Fans or Followers & What’s the Difference? (Finding My Way 6)

    Here’s another dive into the “Finding My Way” series with the topic at hand asking about having “fans” or having “followers.” In today’s industries, attention has become currency and content its cashier. It would seem like the one with the best content (quality or quantity) is king/queen of the hill for the day. The only thing wrong with this construct ...
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    How My Journey with Bipolar Disorder Gives Me Grace for Kanye West

    In recent years, Kanye West has been the target of criticism due to his bipolar disorder. Many remember his delusional rants at a Los Angeles concert in 2016 that sent him straight to the hospital. Others recall controversial statements made during his 2020 presidential campaign. The media never ceases to cite manic episodes in both his public and private lives. ...
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    Finding My Way 2: Is Music a Business or Ministry? Is it My Hobby or ...

    When I began my journey as an artist, I wrote and delivered my lyrics like the artists I was most impacted by. The more I began to develop artistically, I found unique cadences, breathing patterns, melodies, & tendencies to express myself. The challenge came when I got to the crossroads of “Hobby vs. Career” & I had to make a ...
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    Christian Rap Album VERZUZ Battle Results

    Most recently we asked the question of what albums would be good for a Christian Rap Verzuz Battle? You voted, and these are the top results based on your comments across our social media platforms. Here are the results… 1. Andy Mineo – Heroes For Sale vs Uncomfortable 2. KB – Weight & Glory vs HGA 3. KB – Today ...
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    Gospel Rap vs. Christian Rap: What’s the Difference? What’s the Narrative?

    Although we often call the Christian section of hip-hop “Christian Hip-hop” or “Christian Rap,” one may also hear the term Gospel Rap. So what is Gospel Rap? Is it different from Christian Rap? Does one encompass the other? It’s a deep topic and requires a lot of discussions. In addition, this ties back to the Christian rapper vs. rapper who’s ...
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    Christian Rap Albums that Simply Don’t Miss

    Roughly a month ago, we asked our followers if they could name at least one Christian rap album that warrants no skips. Almost instantly, people replied with their bids and debates over what truly was a “no skip” album. Some of the top pics according to likes were: Instruments of Mercy by: BEAUTIFUL EULOGY Good Religion by: DREAM JUNKIES LOWERCASE TAPE by: NOBIGDYL. ...