• BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub

    BrodieDaVinci x BDub – All On

    BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub dropped their new single “All On.” We all know certain situations in life can get rough, stressful, and overwhelming, but we have to put it all on God. Proverbs 3:5 says we must, “Trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding.” Psalm 55:22 says, “Cast your burden on the Lord, ...
  • BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub

    BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub – Fever

    BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub called “Fever.” “Fever” brings a powerful message to a beat that will grab your attention from the start. “This world is catching a fever from the pressures of this world. Being fed the same lies. The only thing you hear on radio stations is about sex, drugs, money, etc. Or even on television and movies. We’re here ...
  • BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub

    Brodiedavinci and B-Dub – Escape Room

    Brodiedavinci and B-Dub’s new song “Escape Room” brings a bouncy tempo with a powerful message about loving your enemies. We’ve all experienced fallouts from friendships, relationships or just a bad outcome from an event. We soon shut them down and it’s hard to build that trust again, because of there lies, not being trustworthy or dishonesty. Even though we soon ...
  • BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub

    BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub – H.F.H.B.

    BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub got together to release their music video for the song “H.F.H.B.” The song stands for “Highly Favored Highly Blessed.” “‘H.F.H.B.’ is a great reminder to know regardless of what obstacles come our way, we shall overcome. To continue to work our faith and use our gifts so His will can be done. This high-powered tune with exuberant ...