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    Alert312 – Jaime

    Jaime is the third single from ALERT312’s full length LP, “Of Vice & Virtue”. Boogalu reflects on the Christ-like- servant- leader posture of his father Jaime and how it has molded him as a father today. Buy ‘Of Vice & Virtue’ on iTunes or Amazon
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    Legacy Movement Conference 2012

    Moody Bible Institute || 820 N. LaSalle Blvd. || Chicago, IL 60610



    Our Mission

    The Legacy exists to equip those that are serious about being disciples of Christ to make disciples for Christ. This is accomplished through biblical training (Legacy Conference ...
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    moral one of ALERT ‘A Batch of Ghosts: A Gungor Beat Tape’

    moral one heard Gungor’s “Ghosts Upon the Earth”. moral one became obsessed with said record. He then sampled a song off the record for fun…he never stopped. The results are the 9 tracks and 25 some-odd non-stop minutes of liturgical post-rock-hip-hop infused music. Download Link Tracklist: 1. Ghost 1 2. Ghost 2 3. Ghost 3 4. Ghost 4 5. Ghost ...
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    Streetlights Vol. 1: Divine DNA

    We give you Divine DNA. Genesis 1-6 The entire Gospel of John 27 Chapters 2 Hours and 10 minutes 75 Tracks Featuring 30 different voices from all across the country, including Propaganda, Odd Thomas and Boogalu of ALERT. And its scored by some of the finest hip hop producers of today: Courtland Urbano, Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas, and moral ONE ...
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    Streetlights – an urban audio bible

    Streetlights is an urban audio Bible that seeks to combine the breathing words of God with authentic and quality music production influenced by the cultures of the inner city. It is a tool that can be used to hear, memorize and assist youth and young adults in studying the Scriptures. Eclectic Hip-hop beats will be ...