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    I feel like our society is enamored with the concept of “randomness.”  TV shows and Youtube clips are full of content that feature spontaneity, with no predictable patterns, and oftentimes, without purpose.  It’s hilarious.  Even fan favorites such as The Office offer no predictability in the plot, which is ...

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    Bobby Bishop to drop “Everyday Man” in 2009

    Bobby Bishop is yet again lacing up his Timberland's in anticipation of the 2009 hill to climb. With tour dates on the books, church ministry to tend to, and a nine-to-five social worker gig, it's going to be a grind. His new record, "Everyday Man" is done, and on-deck.
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    Bobby Bishop to release a new CD in 2008


    Bobby bishop is slated to release a new CD in 2008 with his new label, Chosen Records out of Philadelphia, PA.
    Produced by Bobby, along with Halo Productions, Zoidus (Soul Live), DJ Shok (of Rough Ryders fame), JBRye, and DJ Bombay, this record has the makings of something unique.