• Blake Whiteley Turbulence

    Indiana Artist Blake Whiteley On 61 City Tour With Clayton Jennings

    Danville, Indiana artist Blake Whiteley is currently in the midst of a 61-city U.S. ‘Revival Tour’ that began last November and going through August of 2018 with evangelist Clayton Jennings, and worship artist Hunter Rayne. You may have heard Blake Whiteley’s single Glory Gang from his album ‘Break Thru’, which released in 2017 and peaked at #4 on the iTunes Hip-Hop ...
  • Andre Ward art - Blacksheep Collective

    Blacksheep of the Month: Andre Ward

    Welcome to our monthly segment, Blacksheep of the Month! It's where we highlight and illustrate individuals who show the qualities of what our definition of a blacksheep is. We highlight people who counter the culture, aren't afraid to be peculiar and use their platform to be a light in the middle of darkness.
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    Blacksheep of the Month: Billy Graham

    For the month of March, we want to highlight the amazing and inspiring Billy Graham. This amazing man was an American evangelist who preached all over the world leading millions, possibly billions to Christ. He served as a spiritual advisor to the U. S. presidents (Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama) and was vehemently against segregation at a time when ...
  • Agape Attire

    Dope Christian Clothing Brands You Should Look Out For

    In the world of fashion and street wear, there are a lot of fashion labels who spread and perpetuate messages of negativity. Whether it be promoting over-sexualization, drug abuse, violence, crime or (blatantly in some cases) the antichrist, there is no shortage of societal poison in the form of fashion. I, however, am of the belief that for every negative ...