• Christian rap

    Gospel Rap vs. Christian Rap: What’s the Difference? What’s the Narrative?

    Although we often call the Christian section of hip-hop “Christian Hip-hop” or “Christian Rap,” one may also hear the term Gospel Rap. So what is Gospel Rap? Is it different from Christian Rap? Does one encompass the other? It’s a deep topic and requires a lot of discussions. In addition, this ties back to the Christian rapper vs. rapper who’s ...
  • Christian rap

    Why 2016 was Perhaps the Greatest Year of Christian Rap (Pt. 2) [Opinion]

    Christian rap has existed in many different forms over the past few decades. While some years have been better than others, which was the best? I’m going to attempt to tell you. Introduction and Disclosure Last week we scratched the surface of why 2016 was such a great year in Christian Rap. We talked about the increasing involvement of Capitol ...
  • Bizzle

    Bizzle – The Messenger 4: Independents Day

    Bizzle dropped his next installment of a series with The Messenger 4: Independents Day. Check out the cover and tracklist below: View this post on Instagram Yoooo, TOMORROW Is The Big Day! Tag everybody that needs to know and tell them #TheMessenger4 is coming! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 A post shared by #GodOverMoney Bizzle (@bizzle) on May 21, 2020 at 7:59am PDT Listen ...
  • Bizzle

    Bizzle – Smoke Free ft. KB

    As Bizzle continues to preview his upcoming project The Messenger 4, he’s got another single previewing what’s to come. “Smoke Free” features the recently departed Reach Records rapper, KB. Listen to Bizzle Below: 
  • Bizzle

    Bizzle – Who’s the Man

    Bizzle released his new single “Who’s the Man.” It’s from his upcoming album The Messenger 4. Listen to Bizzle Below 
  • Bizzle

    Bizzle Reveals ‘The Messenger 4’ Release Date & Cover

    Bizzle has been teasing another release for a while and now we have confirmation! The Messenger 4 will be dropping on May 22nd. There are no other details yet but expect more to come in the coming few weeks. See the Post by Bizzle Below: View this post on Instagram Official TM4 Cover! 5/22 #Repost & let somebody know it’s comin! A ...
  • Bizzle

    Bizzle – Lucky You

    Bizzle is laying down BARS in this new song! “Lucky You” is about how enemies better be grateful Bizzle is a Christian instead of being one of them. Listen to Bizzle Below: Check out Bizzle’s previous single here.
  • S.O.

    S.O. – Boast Remix ft. Bizzle and Datin

    S.O. connects with God Over Money’s Bizzle and Datin as they remix his huge single – “Boast.” The aforementioned song has accumulated over 4 million streams on Spotify alone, so it was only right to bring a new remix for the fans. When asked about this remix S.O. said, “It is an honor to have Bizzle and Datin on this ...
  • Rapzilla.com

    Top 10 Most Read Articles on Rapzilla.com in 2019

    Every year we countdown some of the most read content on Rapzilla.com. Usually, we break it up into separate categories but this year we’re hitting you with the collective top 10 on the site overall. The title of the article is first, followed by the number of views at the time of publishing. TobyMac’s son Truett Foster Passes In what ...
  • Datin

    Datin on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Marcus Sullivan – Ep. 139

    Datin is our featured guest on this episode of Rapzilla.com LIVE with Marcus Sullivan – our 2 hour syndicated radio show and podcast. This is a reboot of our show and the first episode since Chris Chicago stepped down. Datin joins to talk about his upcoming projects. Listen to Datin on Rapzilla.com LIVE below: Click here to subscribe to the ...