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    CJ Emulous – Against the Grain

    Lyrics Verse 1: I wish an O.G. would have told me that I aint have to be who they showed me; that if I chose to go to school for success and got it minus banging techs I would still have success. If I follow grannies teaching to a Sunday service the hood wouldn’t look at me like I was ...
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    Braille New Remixed Songs, You Could be Next

    Braille has 2 new remixed songs from his last album "The IV Edition." Teddy P (www.myspace.com/teddypmusic) remixed "Double Dose", Braille comments "I think he did a really good job. The remix is banging". And another remix of the "IV" is by a producer named Wendel Patrick ...
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    Righteous Riders Give Free Mixtape

    The Righteous Riders team up with DJ One 3 to present Blue Chip and Specialist Groundzero Mixtape. You can download this 6 track mixtape completely free! The GROUNDzero Mixtape features songs from the upcoming anticipated release “GROUNDzero” by Blue Chip and Specialist releasing in stores nationwide July 8th on B4 Entertainment/Arete Music Group and will be distributed by CLG Distribution. ...