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    Shonlock Leaves TobyMac’s Diverse City

    When Shonlock’s full-length debut release 'NEVERODDOREVEN' (Arrow Records/Universal Music Christian Group) was released on June 21, 2011, the artist, previously best known for
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    Humble Beast signs ALERT

    Humble Beast has been planning it for months and today are proud to announce the newest members to the Humble Beast family… hailing from Chicago, IL – a 4 piece hip-hop band named Alert. This announcement doesn’t come empty handed either – today we present you their newest music video for the song “All I See Is Red”, as well ...
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    AHMAD: Back To “Back In The Day”

    We were excited to hear, about a year ago, that one of our favorite emcee's were coming out with new music. AHMAD, known for his classic hip hop single "Back In The Day", saw platinum success at the age of 17 in 1993. AHMAD also teamed up with West Coast favorites Saafir and Ras ...
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    LEARN: How to write a press release

    As one of the premiere music outlets in Christian music, we get tons of emails, and now Tweets, Facebook comments, Facebook messages, Facebook IM's, instant messages, text messages, phone calls, etc., from artists that are ignorant to the industry standards, relationship building, and professionalism. Everyone is ignorant at some point and everyone will be ignorant to ...
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    BEC Recordings + Parachute Music = Rapture Ruckus

    BEC RECORDINGS INKS PARTNERSHIP WITH NEW ZEALAND’S PARACHUTE MUSIC TO BRING RAPTURE RUCKUS TO THE STATES Always on the hunt to bring new talent to their fans, BEC Recordings is partnering with New Zealand based Parachute Music to introduce the music of Rapture Ruckus to the United States in June 8, 2010. Rapture Ruckus will release their fourth project, which ...
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    “Back in the Day” Ahmad’s Bright Future

    His “Back in the Day” hip hop nostalgia theme will surely garner new fans when they hear its unforgettable hook reinterpreted by Mariah Carey and The Dream in the song “Candy Bling,” featured on Mariah’s upcoming album Memories of an Imperfect Angel.
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    St. Paul Saintz Win 3 Degrees Band Tournament

    St. Paul Saintz, hip hop group, wins the 3 Degrees nationally recognized 20th Annual Music Tournament. The finals took place this weekend at Club 3 Degrees (in Minneapolis Minnesota) with the Top 14 bands out of the 80 that started the tournament.
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    CMR signs funk-rock, hip-hop band Shachah!

    This is probably old news, but CMR didn't send us a press release about it and we missed the news since it was the same time that Phil (who runs things at Rapzilla) went to Africa (on a missions trip) for 2 months.

    Before you read the news release, this band actually will just re-release the album through ...

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    Review – 4th Avenue Jones’ ‘No Plan B Pt. 2’

    Rapzilla Staff Rating: Average User Rating: {mainvote} You know, maybe there is hope for the ‘good guys’ to win in the end after all. When I reviewed the CD release ‘HipRockSoul’ by the 4th Avenue Jones’, I was still lamenting the shelving of the CD release entitled No Plan B by major record label Interscope/Universal Records who decided not to ...