B-DUB – On The Real ft. PGrant

    “On The Real” is a heavy hitter by B-DUB ft. PGrant that explains how God is the real deal. Even though we’re not perfect, and don’t always have it all together we must be real with ourselves and come to Christ in need. “On The Real” is a term that means to tell the truth. To be honest. Jesus is ...
  • BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub

    BrodieDaVinci X B-DUB – Bad Company ft. Shaper

    We’ve all heard the following sayings before. Watch who you associate with. Be careful who you surround yourself with. Always be mindful of what’s around you. In this west coast vibe, BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub bring to you with some help from a friend of there’s who goes by Shaper. They want to let their listeners know in life you have ...
  • BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub

    Brodiedavinci and B-Dub – Wavy

    Brodiedavinci and B-Dub released the new song “Wavy” and brought a nice groove for the summertime. “This catchy, uptempo track talks about how in life we tend to go up and down with God deep in the waves. Instead of trying to fix everything on our own, we need to know that Jesus will give us peace and have us ...
  • BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub

    BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub – H.F.H.B.

    BrodieDaVinci and B-Dub got together to release their music video for the song “H.F.H.B.” The song stands for “Highly Favored Highly Blessed.” “‘H.F.H.B.’ is a great reminder to know regardless of what obstacles come our way, we shall overcome. To continue to work our faith and use our gifts so His will can be done. This high-powered tune with exuberant ...