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    Natalie Lauren – Redeyes part 1

    Natalie Lauren is dropping a dual ep entitled Redeyes & Blueskies to raise awareness for Cancer Awareness Week. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Get more info and suggestions on Natalie’s site http://www.redeyesblueskies.com.
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    Natalie Lauren To Release Redeyes & Blueskies

    Natalie Lauren, formerly known as Suzy Rock, popped up with this surprise project entitled Redeyes & Blueskies. The free project is meant to create hope and awareness during this week’s national Minority Cancer Awareness Week. Follow Natalie on Twitter @MsNatalieLauren
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    The Fatherhood Challenge

    The Fatherhood Challenge is a national contest for youth and young adults starting at the age of 13. Contestants compete for cash prizes and a trip to Washington D.C. by expressing what fatherhood means to them by creating a song, photo, video or a short essay.
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    Marcus “FLAME” Gray: Hope Through Hip Hop

    Hip hop, what a wonderful creation. What a great contribution to humanity. How many people have been encouraged by hip hop culture and rap music? Billions, I'm sure. When one hears the term hip hop, names like DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaata, Grandmaster Flash, Russell Simmons, Kurtis Blow, Sugarhill Gang, Fat Boys,
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    JUMA – Till the DJs Gone


    Till the DJ's Gone deals with mass media using radio as the point object. On the record JUMA talks about God being the "DJ" at the end of the song while the choruses throughout say, "Until the DJ's gone turn the radio off". In other words, if God's the DJ than the "radio", or negative ...