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    Fans or Followers & What’s the Difference? (Finding My Way 6)

    Here’s another dive into the “Finding My Way” series with the topic at hand asking about having “fans” or having “followers.” In today’s industries, attention has become currency and content its cashier. It would seem like the one with the best content (quality or quantity) is king/queen of the hill for the day. The only thing wrong with this construct ...
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    Finding My Way 5: Should I be an Artist or an Entertainer?

    Being a musician has become far more complicated since it has been industrialized.  There has always been a spectrum of those who purely create art expressing themselves through music (artists) and those who simply endeavor to use their musical talents to shock and amaze (entertainers). Historically, it would seem as though there’s always been a fine line between the two ...
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    Finding My Way 3: Music Industry = Extortion?!

    The MUSIC BUSINESS HAS ALWAYS BEEN MORE BUSINESS THAN MUSIC! Many times in the space of CHH, we forget (or were never fully educated) that. The moment you decide to make your music available in a store, you also decided you’re doing music as a business. A ministry is a service and provided free of charge to the patron. All ...
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    Finding My Way 2: Is Music a Business or Ministry? Is it My Hobby or ...

    When I began my journey as an artist, I wrote and delivered my lyrics like the artists I was most impacted by. The more I began to develop artistically, I found unique cadences, breathing patterns, melodies, & tendencies to express myself. The challenge came when I got to the crossroads of “Hobby vs. Career” & I had to make a ...
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    Artist Tip: Finding & Identifying Your Market in Christian Hip-Hop

    In today’s climate, we find music ingrained in nearly every aspect of humanity. Whether going to the doctor’s office, the gas station, or your favorite restaurant….music is there. That being said, it makes sense that the current generation has so many making music their career of choice. Whether professional or recreational, many millennials are artists. With this influx of aspiring ...
  • Spotify

    Spotify Introduces Artist Fundraising Pick to Help Musicians Through Covid-19

    Spotify for Artists just launched a new feature called the Artist Fundraising Pick. Instead of artists highlighting a song, playlist, etc on their profile as an Artist’s Pick, they can now direct listeners to a fundraising destination. Now that revenue for most artists is solely reliant on streaming, this provides a welcome addition to a profile. Artists can choose to ...
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    #ArtistTip: Making Money in the Music Industry

    #ArtistTip: Let’s face it – getting a job is hard enough in today’s market. Making money as a musical artist seems like an even more daunting task. All too often artists are falling off because they cannot support themselves with music, nor do they know effective methods of making money in the music industry. Too many artists are focused on ...
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    Your Music is Less Important Than You Think [Artist Tip]

    Some people will disagree with me and others may be upset, but I’m here to tell you that your music is way less important than you think it is. In an era of over-saturation, there are few standout hits and artists that can garner the attention they need from music alone. If you’re a quality artist – but not garnering the ...
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    5 Tips for Good Show Etiquette #ArtistTip

    One of the best parts of being in a band or being a performer is playing shows. Concerts are your litmus test to show off what you’ve been hard at work at. The rush of being on stage and playing a good show never gets old. However, before and after you get on stage in terms of how you conduct ...
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    ArtistTip: Create Music Videos & Memes with Artist Friendly Tool Editframe

    As an artist, it is really important to stand out. Despite how good your music is, it’s still a bit tricky to stand out. You need to be able to take full advantage of the platforms that exist and identify a way to engage audiences and build an audience. It is all about attention – and what better way to capture attention on platform ...