• Aldre

    Aldre – No Strings

    The song “No Strings” by Aldre off the project Vows is dedicated to his wife after their miscarriage. “Wanted my wife to know she is still worthy and love without strings like Christ loves us.” Listen to Aldre below:
  • Aldre

    Aldre – Breaking Silence

    Aldre is “Breaking the Silence,” and has a lot to say. With so much controversy around CHH and the type of music being pushed in the community, a lot of people along with my self have had questions about the authenticity of it at times. CHH is pushing for growth and that’s understandable, we need that. But within myself, I ...
  • Koa Jerome

    Koa Jerome & Aldre – Check In

    Koa Jerome and Aldre teamed up for the single “Check In.” “Sometimes in life, you need to check in and see where things are in your heart. Life is fast so we have to slow down and check in with God.” Listen to Koa Jerome Below: 
  • Aldre

    Aldre – Heart Cry

    Singer/song-writer Aldre released an album entitled ‘The Whole Truth’ in November. “Heart Cry” is track 6 off the project. Buy the album here.
  • Aldre

    Aldre – Woke

    Hip-hop and R&B artist Aldre is set to release an upcoming project titled ‘The Heart Spill.’ Listen to the single “Woke.” Listen to Aldre below: Buy the single here.