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    Vote On Christian Rap Hot Or Not Submissions Of The Day (12/7/21)

    We’re dropping our best submitted Christian rap picks in one post. Then we want YOU, the audience, to pick which of these songs was your favorite for the day. At the end of the month, we’ll compile a list of all the winners and they’ll be added to the New Christian rap Songs Daily! This is Hot or Not! Voting ...
  • Akil Hamilton

    Akil Hamilton – Best Part ft. Saint James

    Akil Hamilton dropped his new single “Best Part” featuring Saint James. Let us know what you think in the comments. Listen to Akil Hamilton Below: Buy or stream here.
  • Akil Hamilton

    Akil Hamilton – Swish [Free Download]

    Akil Hamilton released his new single “Swish,” produced by Premise for Free Download. “You’ve been working hard, struggling, don’t give up. Don’t quit now. God ain’t finished with you yet. Keep going. Keep fighting. Stay strong. If I’m getting better every day, so can you. It’s time to elevate & take the shot. You miss the shots you don’t take. ...
  • Akil Hamilton

    Akil Hamilton – I Still Got It

    L.I.F.E (Learn, Inspire, Forgive, Educate) Records CEO & Artist Akil Hamilton just released a new single “I Still Got It” produced by Dylan Graham on YouTube & SoundCloud exclusively. “I’m excited to share a different flow. I’ve been rapping for some time now & there’s been some tremendous improvements. It’s a new year & I’m grateful for the journey & ...
  • Akil Hamilton

    Akil Hamilton – Good Vibes

    Akil Hamilton dropped his new single “Good Vibes,” let us know what you think of the track in the comments. Listen to Akil Hamilton Below: 
  • Akil Hamilton

    Akil Hamilton – Dear Lord ft. Lawren

    L.I.F.E (Learn, Inspire, Forgive, Educate) Records CEO & Artist Akil Hamilton just released his third piece to Righteous & Ratchet to stream on all music platforms. “Dear Lord” also features the “retired from rap” Lawren. “I’ve learned to stay away from comments & focus more on praying for those who have something negative to say. We (CHH artists) try our ...
  • Akil Hamilton

    Akil Hamilton – New Levels

    Akil Hamilton released the second single, “New Levels,” from his upcoming ‘Righteous & Ratchet’ album. “I’ve learned so much & I thank God for getting me this far. I’m not worried about the past, it’s time for me to level up & pay attention to my future. Everyday I need to strive to do better. ” Listen to Akil Hamilton ...
  • Akil Hamilton

    Akil Hamilton – No Cap

    L.I.F.E. Records artist Akil Hamilton released his final single of the year which is produced by Derek Minor, “No Cap.” “I’m here giving nothing but the best of me. I made sure to make a label with a difference. This song was written to tell you the truth behind why I rap.” Listen to Akil Hamilton below: Buy the single ...
  • Akil Hamilton

    Akil Hamilton – Toast

    Rapper Akil Hamilton dropped a self-titled mixtape last week along with the single “Toast.” “This has been a great experience for me. I wrote an album and thought it wasn’t good enough. I was on the verge of quitting rap…,” he said. “But something said don’t give up. So I just got up the next day and kept writing. This isn’t ...
  • 15

    Akil Hamilton – Life Lessons

    L.I.F.E. Records artist Akil Hamilton released a new single on growing up in America called “Life Lessons,” produced by Dylan Graham. “Life can hit hard. So many ups & downs. From small beginnings in Guyana to living in America with dreams & goals never thought possible, life can be filled with ups & downs. I’m so grateful for the journey God ...