• 1k Pson

    1k Pson – Heartbreak Hotel ft. Aha Gazelle

    1k Pson released “Heartbreak Hotel” featuring Aha Gazelle. The song is produced by Carvello. Listen to 1k Pson below: 
  • Rapzilla Freshmen

    Rapzilla Freshmen 10 Year Anniversary All-Time List Results

    This is the 10th year that Rapzilla.com has been naming a Christian rap Freshmen list. Every year since 2011 we’ve picked who we thought would have a tremendous year. Now, with over 100 artists during this period of time, Rapzilla allowed you, the reader, to vote on your all-time 15. The poll contained every Christian rap artist/producer that has been ...
  • Christian rap

    How Anime & Japanese Culture Affect Christian Rap Music & Artwork

    Over recent years, anime has become more involved with the Christian rap genre. Many rappers who aim to make Christ famous at the same time have found inspiration from the shows they know and love, causing these Japanese cartoons to become a defining feature in CHH culture. These artists have gained inspiration from childhood and have incorporated bits and pieces ...
  • Reach Records

    Summer Nineteen Playlist by Reach Records Released

    The “Summer Nineteen” Playlist by Reach Records is here and features some of your favorite artists both established and up and coming. All of the songs were released as singles by the artists and placed onto the playlist. So it’s not an album, but a giant group of songs. There are 37 artists and producers on this list. Missing from ...
  • 116 Reach Records

    116 Summer 19 Playlist Tracklist & Credits (Exclusive Sneak Peek)

    So Reach Records is dropping the 116 Summer 19 playlist this Friday. Along the way, they have been dropping snippets of what’s to come. Well, before you see all their snippets, they gave us the full picture to show you all today! 116 Tracklist: 1. “IN LUV” by Wande (Prod. by Iggy Music) 2. “Glory” by WHATUPRG feat. GAWVI (Prod. ...
  • Propaganda SXSW

    Reflect Greatness Showcase at SXSW 2019 (Photo Recap)

    Check out these photos from the Reflect Greatness Showcase at SXSW 2019. Photographed by Charlie Del Tres. The lineup from left to right and top to bottom: Kurtis Hoppie, Bookie The Baby, NOAH SCHATZ, Aklesso, Parris Chariz, Reconcile, Deraj, Ruslan, Jon Keith, Paul Russell, Kaleb Mitchell, Aha Gazelle, Dee-1, Propaganda.
  • Dee-1

    Reflect Greatness Hip-Hop Showcase at SXSW

    The Reflect Greatness hip-hop showcase returned to SXSW for a bigger and better second year. If you weren’t there, you missed out witnessing a lot of greatness at one location, in one night! The showcase was presented by HipHopDX, Reflection Music Group, and Rapzilla.com and held at The Belmont on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 in Austin, TX. Due to the ...
  • Christian Rap

    What Would 2019 Movie Soundtracks Look Like Curated by Christian Rap Artists?

    As 2018 showed with films like Black Panther, Creed II, and Into the Spider-Verse, no blockbuster movie is complete without an accompanying soundtrack. Far from being simply a cash grab to run off the fumes of a successful film, the best film soundtracks embody the themes, characters, and stories of their respective movies and go deeper, transforming the cinematic journey ...
  • Rockstar Jt

    Rockstar Jt – Drip Bayless ft. Parris Chariz & Aha Gazelle

    Alabama native Rockstar Jt dropped “Drip Bayless” featuring Parris Chariz & Aha Gazelle. The song is named after sports entertainer Skip Bayless. His motto is, “Maybe not what you want to hear, but need to hear.” These artists came together and made a banger talking about how far they came in their careers. Jt believes sometimes you have to be ...
  • News

    Top 10 Most Read News Articles Of 2018 on Rapzilla.com

    Rapzilla is taking a look back at our top most read articles of 2018, and for this installment, we are focusing on news articles. 1. Eminem Disses NF on ‘Kamikaze’ Track “The Ringer” Summary: Eminem dropped a surprise album at midnight called Kamikaze and the emcee returned to form by dissing everyone in site. This includes NF. So, Eminem disses NF on “The Ringer?” ...