• Adam Cruz

    Adam Cruz – Role Modelz Wanted

    Long Beach, CA hip-hop artist Adam Cruz released a new single, “Role Modelz Wanted,” produced by Marvs Productions. “Is a true story about youth experiencing fatherlessness, neglect, and the desire to be seen & loved in this world. We need people who are wiling to step in the gaps of a childs life. We need Less Rappers and More Role ...
  • Adam Cruz

    Adam Cruz – The Come Up

    Adam Cruz’s “The Come Up,” is an energetic song that encourages listeners to not let anyone or anything stop them from pursuing their dreams and all that God has called them to do. Listen to Adam Cruz Below: Stream here.
  • Adam Cruz

    Adam Cruz – Autumn Leaves

    Rapper Adam Cruz released his track “Autumn Leaves.” Marvs Productions produced the beat. “Sharing true stories of doubts, struggles, and talking about life’s greatest and most difficult moments. Connecting as human beings to find a higher purpose while living our best life,” he wrote. “I believe that we have the power within us all to make this world a beautiful ...