• A-Ram

    A-Ram – Forever ft. Jackie Legere

    A-Ram released “Forever” featuring Jackie Legere. Let us know what you think in the comments. Listen to A-Ram Below:
  • A-Ram

    A-Ram – Run It Up ft. Loso

    Philadelphia native, A-Ram, links up with Tampa-based recording artist and battle rapper, Loso for a 215 x 813 connection on an energetic, fierce track. The “Run It Up” concept, speaks from a place of victory due to Christ’s finished work on the cross and resurrection for the believer. Rather than being complacent about it and “starring at the cloud, awaiting ...
  • A-Ram

    A-Ram – Snorlax

    A-Ram has the Pokemon-themed “Snorlax” track as his new song. Here’s what he had to say: Snorlax is known for being a very large, sleeping Pokémon. In the earlier games, Snorlax was known for blocking the way of the trainer, on their way forward on their journey. The only way to wake Snorlax was by utilizing a Poké Flute. This ...
  • A-Ram

    A-Ram – Queen

    A-Ram says of this track: “I look to communicate to our women in our world today, dealing with immense pressure to portray themselves by the media and the entertainment industries standards; that those criteria are flawed and compromising of their essential value as Queens, women created in God’s image, with dignity, worth, and beauty. Listen as I look to debunk ...
  • A-Ram

    A-Ram – Take Me There

    A-Ram drooped his song “Take Me There,” produced by BrvndonP. “This song looks to help the listener imagine what it may be like on that day when we are welcomed into God’s presence for eternity.” Listen to A-Ram below: