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Rapzilla Freshmen 2022 muted mike Never Stops Experimenting

Not too long ago now, muted mike was revealed as part of Rapzilla’s 2022 Freshmen list. But who exactly is this artist with such a quirky and striking name? Maybe you’ve been following his music for some time now or maybe you’ve only recently heard of him, but muted mike has been making music for a while now.

muted mike didn’t start out as the musician we hear now; in fact, he spent quite some time experimenting.

I’d say about eight of those years were just messin’ around on the production portion. Just messing around on making beats and instrumentals, and then, after a while, I started actually writing my own stuff and recording. I was just bored, most of the time, so I just used my dad’s laptop. He had GarageBand, which is one of the DAWs [Digital Audio Workstation]. From that, I just messed around throwing loops together. Then, I started actually trying to play instruments on it and slowly building up to recording my own vocals. It’s just been a little hobby that’s turned into something more serious over time.

I think my inspiration is the people I’ve listened to. Honestly, I didn’t really have any musical influences from people around me growing up, so it’s really just from the music I’ve listened to.

I love finding weird-sounding samples and trying to actually make them sound melodic. I find that to be a fun challenge for myself.

He has a pretty broad instrumentation background as well, even outside the realm of rap.

Starting in like 6th grade I was in the orchestra. All throughout high school, I was in the orchestra and marching band. And then when I was in college I was in a percussion ensemble as well. When I was in high school, I also played the drum kit – sometimes the cello, violin, and bass – at church. It was mostly drum kit though.

It’s always been hip-hop music for me though.

As it turns out, some of muted mike’s most exciting moments in his career so far have come through Rapzilla’s Critique Fridays, hosted by OnBeatMusic.

Pretty much all of my connections I’ve gotten through Critique Fridays live.

One of these connections is frequent collaborator Nu Tone, who muted mike and confirmed he had more plans to work with in the future.

When asked about any “rockstar moments” thus far, he cited another example from Critique Fridays:

Winning song of the month [on Critique Fridays] was a pretty big feat. Considering how many songs get listened to throughout the month, and saying that I had the best song…it was good!

Of course, we had to ask the Indianapolis-based artist the origins of his stage name.

muted mike…I’ve had a couple of names before that, like Interstellar Traveler…I like muted mike because it’s simple, it’s a play on words (you know, like a microphone), and generally, I’m a pretty quiet person. It’s kinda like an ironic name…

After getting to know him a little bit more, it’s only natural to wonder: what’s next?

Recently, I got connected with a manager, so, what I talked with them about is I’m pretty much up for doing just about anything, whether it’s shows or music videos. I would really like to create some music videos.

I personally have stayed more in the hip-hop aspect – kind of alternative hip-hop – but recently I’ve been working with the R&B genre, which is kinda similar to hip-hop…Different styles. I’ve also been trying to make drill beats.

Experimentation seems to be one of the most consistent themes of muted mike’s story.

When it comes to music, don’t be afraid to experiment. There’s always room to grow in music, whether it’s learning a new instrument or learning how to record things differently. Don’t stop working at it.

The artist spoke specifically about his upcoming album, Dumber.

I would say, I’ve been saving the best for last when it comes to singles. These last four songs are some of my favorite songs that I’ve ever created. It should be coming out by the end of this year.

After that, even early next year, I’m still gonna consistently continue to come out with music after that.

It’s only going to get better from here.

Listen to muted mike Below:


Written by Darius Mullin

Darius Mullin is a student, musician, and avid lover of all things Christian Hip Hop. You can often find him fellowshipping with friends, making music, working on schoolwork, making terrible jokes, or touring local caves. You can connect with him on Twitter @iamdariusmullin

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