Lekan Salamii

Lekan Salamii Unveils New Single with Tobi Toun – ‘AWN’

Following a hiatus in the music scene, Lekan Salamii, the ibile rap sensation has finally announced a new single titled “AWN” (Absent Without Notice), he’s not alone on this one, the single came with a long-awaited collaboration with Tobi Toun, another rap sensation who has been absent from the music scene.
The single serves as a musical explanation for the absence of both artists and shows a bit of what has been going on behind the scenes in the lives of both artists. It highlights some of the emotions that have been prominent in their absence and what to expect from both artists going forward.
“I told you I was back,” the first lines you’ll hear from both artists on this song will lead you through heavy verses of vulnerable expressions that will captivate every listener, and show you what hip hop is really all about.
The song is a good indication of what’s coming from both rappers, and we’re excited to be here to experience it!

Listen to Lekan Salamii Below:


Written by Olusola Adenusi

I'm a content creator, writer, music critic, lover of Politics. Nigerian. Christ lover. Lead Writer for iRapChrist (A Christian hip hop platform).

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